U.S. Men’s Volleyball Team Fights Short Shorts

While preparing to head to Beijing in a month, the men representing the U.S. of A on the indoor volleyball court have been fighting another battle entirely: embarrassment over the comparatively tiny shorts they’ll be donning in August, per governing body regulations.

Heck, they even tried to raise a bit of cash in an effort to pay a $10,000 fine for wearing their preferred knee-length shorts:

Outside hitter and team spokesperson Reid Pritty explained the rationale to the NEW YORK TIMES.

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The Pink Cap Debate Riles Up The Red Sox Nation

The pink cap has been a source of contention in baseball fandom since clothing manufacturers discovered they could sell team clothing successfully without having to use the team’s actual colors. Now, the BOSTON GLOBE is examining the pink hat issue among Red Sox fans, and the supposed sociological issues that the pink only touches the tip of.

Red Sox pink cap

The debate over the caps basically boils down to the die-hards saying that pink gear wearers aren’t real fans, and they’re bandwagon jumpers from the Sox’s massive success in the past few years. Writer Kate M. Jackson draws a link with the “gentrification” of the BoSox fandom into the mythical “Red Sox Nation” (god, I hate that term so much.)

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Blog-O-Riffic: Good Vibrations And Cheerleaders

• FAN IQ vibrates its approval of the “ButtKicker”, a device that NHRA and NASCAR are testing that vibrates seats based on cues.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports the Steelers have released everyone’s favorite dump truck, Najeh Davenport.

• The ZWANNEUS REPORT gives us some very nice photos of Russian cheerleaders. Da!

Russian cheerleader

• HASHMARKS notes Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson getting a laugh by naming his toughest opponent.

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NYC Modeling Agency Recruits Seven LPGA Pros

We’re all more than used to the beauty shots and calendars from Natalie Gulbis, but per the L.A. TIMES, a division of the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York now wants to play “Pygmalion” for seven LPGA Tour golfers you’ve likely not heard of and turn them into headline-grabbers for how they look off the course along with how they play on it.

Kim Hall

Golfers Kim Hall (pictured above), Stacy Prammanasudh, Anna Grzebien, Minni Blomqvist, Sandra Gal, Joanna Head, and Mikaela Parmlid are now the “Wilhelmina 7.” It’s the project of Dieter Esch, who somehow managed to discover that people will likely pay more attention to athletes on the way up if they’re good-looking. Who would have thought?
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Andrew Bogut Breaks Unofficial NBA Dress Code

The biggest joke in Milwaukee right now? The obvious answer is the Bucks record and a recent loss to the Miami Heat leading to the ouster of GM Larry Harris. But the real laugher is the street clothes selection made by rich, big man Andrew Bogut who was snapped sitting at the end of the bench exposing this 80s getup.

Andrew Bogut clothes selection

White loafers, white socks and jeans look has Bucks’ loyalists crying foul and declaring this outfit a NBA dress code violation. Yeah, but those loafers are probably made with some special kangaroo hide and cost upwards of $400 per pair. And those white socks…imported Tunisian cotton - or something like that. $40 per foot.

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