Supreme Court Sides w/Fantasy Players Over MLB

Rejoice, fantasy baseball geeks! The U.S. Supreme Court is on your side!

Bud Selig justice statue

The WASHINGTON POST passes down the verdict that the Court rejected an appeal by Major League Baseball over the use of player names & statistics in fantasy leagues. Read more…

Uncle Rico Loves Him Some Manny Being Manny

One of the fringe benefits of owning Manny Ramirez on your fantasy baseball squad is the amusement received from his player news and notes - sent weekly from your respective fantasy service. Earlier this week, the following note came across the YAHOO! SPORTS fantasy baseball wire:

LF Manny Ramirez caused a stir last week when he opened up to several media outlets about his newly adopted yoga and meditation habits as well as his intense interest in a book titled “The Secret.” Many of Ramirez’s mind-expanding activities have come at the urging of his Uncle Rico, an avuncular figure who has been a near-constant in the left fielder’s life over the last few years.

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