Charlie Manuel Wants Phillies Fans To Boo. Really.

Yes, the headline seems confusing, but that’s essentially what Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is begging for: Philly fans to boo. Yes, it’s like asking fish to swim, but evidently Philly fans have actually done the impossible in the aftermath of their team’s World Series title: They’ve become too polite.

charlie manuel yelling

(They’re not saying “Boo,” they’re saying “Lewww.” I want them to say “Boo”!)

According to THE REPORTER, Manuel has just about had it with fans thanking his players for what they did last year, insisting that it’s about time they start jumping on them for lack of current achievements. Hey, evidently he’s still a cantankerous skulk after all.

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N.Y. Rangers Coach Tortorella Fights Caps Fans

The first round playoff series between the Capitals and Rangers has been getting testy, with desperate Caps fans frustrated beyond belief that their team is still struggling to win a playoff series. Well, in the midst of a season-saving blowout of New York on Friday, fans were laying the verbal abuse — and maybe something else — on Rangers coach John Tortorella, who decided he’d had just about enough.

john tortorella rangers

That’s when Tortorella took things into his own hands, turning around and confronting the Washington fans after someone reportedly tossed a beer on his head. He threw a water bottle into the stands and grabbed a stick, pointing it at the fans and threatening a charge out of the coaches box before being restrained by assistant coach Jim Schoenfeld. If it sounds too crazy to believe, just check out the video after the jump.

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AZ Teen Sent Home For Wearing Steelers Jersey

This is a free country, and freedom of expression is considered paramount among the liberties that have been indoctrinated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Evidently those freedoms don’t necessarily carry over to schools in Arizona, however, where teens are being sent home for wearing Steelers colors to school.

crazy pittsburgh fan steelers penguins
(If they booted a teen for a jersey, what would Arizona do to this guy?)

The banishment in question, according to Pittsburgh TV station WPXI, came at the expense of 13-year-0ld Tristan Carrick, a Stepping Stones Academy student who dared trespass by wearing black and gold to school for Stepping Stones’ “Spirit Day”.

The school’s justification for giving Carrick the boot was that his jersey wasn’t red and white — as stipulated by the “Spirit Day” manifesto, which, evidently, had been hastily created the day before and goes completely against a student’s right to express himself through his choice of apparel (there’s art in there somewhere).

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Charting The Empirical Rise Of The Dance Circle

Let’s face it; professional athletes are the coolest people on Earth. If you don’t believe that, just ask them and they’ll surely tell you so. But maybe you’re wondering how can I, a lowly sports blog reader, become as awesome as my favorite athlete? Well worry no more, friend! SPORTSbyBROOKS is proud to present you with a handy guide for when and where you can use the exclamations of joy that your idols use every day.

sports celebrations

(2009: Public university freshman dorms required by federal law to post chart)

No offense, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll never be as strong, good-looking, or rich as your favorite athlete. But that’s no reason for you to suffer through a lifetime of inadequacy that can be remedied with just a few simple steps. Come along with me as we examine the wild and wonderful world of common sports celebrations! Read more…

Mississippi Grandma Gets To Meet Reggie Bush

Now we know why Reggie Bush may not be ready to settle down with Kim Kardashian just yet. He’s having too much fun hanging with the ladies - especially grandmas from Mississippi:

Reggie Bush contest winner fan

The NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT has the story of lucky local resident Ruby Gibbs, who won the chance to meet the New Orleans running back in a contest run by Pepsi.

And Gibbs was impressed with how much of a Saint Reggie was: “He was a pleasant young man. He was very respectful and took as many pictures and signed as many autographs as was asked of him. He was patient with everyone and didn’t refuse anybody.”

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