Delete Your Bookmarks: Jay Mariotti To Fanhouse

Let’s face it: there haven’t been a ton of great decisions made at FANHOUSE lately. Their site portal was a disaster, with tech issues that lasted for weeks, their fantasy football ads were kind of prostitute-y, and then there’s the Fantasy Sports Girls fiasco. That’s where those girls - who, shall we say, weren’t quite SbB material - squeezed into kid-sized jerseys and (poorly) read fantasy sports information off of cue cards. Fanhouse got just drilled by Blogfrica and took the feature down after just one installment (you can still watch it here if you’re in need of a laugh). So you’d imagine that Fanhouse and their AOL overlords would be looking to ring in 2009 with, y’know, a good decision.

Jay Mariotti FSG
(Also a bad decision: making this Photoshop)

The worst decision, however, is the one they made by hiring Jay Mariotti. Yes, that Jay Mariotti. Recall that we last heard from the “outspoken” (read: blowhard) columnist when he was setting fire to every bridge in sight at the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, resigning and declaring sports journalism in newspapers dead. We’re sure the Sun-Times would have loved to know about Mariotti’s wanderlust before they paid for him to cover the Olympics in Beijing, but eh, details.

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