CFL Fan Climbs Up Goalpost, Almost Falls to Death

I guess there’s a big difference between Americans and Canadians. When our sports fans decide to drunkenly take the field, the most trouble they get into is stealing a football from the hands of Brett Favre and getting decked by security. But leave it to Canadians and their inferiority complex to try and upstage their sports fans one the southern side of the border by adding near-death experiences into the mix.

CFL goal post climber

As if Friday night’s CFL game between the Calgary Stampeders and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats didn’t have enough action to fill all 110 yards of the field (answer: it didn’t), one Ti-Cats fan decided to take it upon himself to spice things up a notch. His solution? Down a 24-pack of Moosehead and then climb to the top of the goalposts and almost fall 20-plus feet to his death.

Video of the crazy Canuck in action after the jump.

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