Video: NBA Sixers Cheerleader Falls On Her Head

We’ve all seen those wonderful cheerleader blooper videos. But like posts feature hazing on club rugby teams, lecherous JV girls basketball coaches and John Daly, they’re mostly spent.

Sixers Cheerleader Falls On Head

But here’s a gem from Youtube, just posted, that shows a poor NBA Sixers cheerleader falling on her head. She popped right up after the fall, so she appears to be OK. But just in case, the NFLPA is checking on her and seeing if she wants to jump into their next class action suit against the league. Or Starcaps. Or a video game company. Or something.

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Boston Mayor Menino Trips Falls During World Series Trophy Ceremony

CAN YOU PLEASE SKIP THE 6-MARTINI LUNCH JUST 1 DAY?: The BOSTON GLOBE has lots and lots and LOTS of details on the glorious World Series celebration in Boston today, which of course included the honorable mayor of Beantown, Thomas Menino.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

We’re happy to report the Honorable Mayor Menino handled the trophy presentation to the city of Boston with grace and aplomb, except when he tripped over the trophy, fell down the stairs and required medical attention.