Dolphins WR Not LOLing At His Twitter Imposter

The Miami Dolphins seem to be having a personality crisis with their players - literally. Last week, first-round draft pick Vontae Davis had to deny reports that he had been arrested in Illinois - it turns out someone had stolen his wallet and used his ID when he was in school. Now, Davone Bess is dealing with his own imposter, as his agent tells FOX SPORTS that NFL security has been contacted over a fake Twitter account.

Davone Bess

Bess had a good rookie season for the Dolphins, but why anyone would choose to impersonate him is somewhat baffling. But that didn’t stop someone with the screen name “Lambo Weezy” from claiming to be Bess and making ridiculous claims - like challenging Titans RB Chris Johnson to a foot race, which would be nuts since Johnson might be the fastest player in the NFL and Bess went undrafted out of Hawaii after running the 40 in a subpar 4.8 at the NFL Combine.

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