Fake Twitter Account: Instructive Media Moment

Today a Twitter account was configured to look like it belonged to a reputable major market, print media sports reporter. A reporter who I’ve met and read for years. Extremely well-respected person in the industry.

We now know that Twitter account was fake.

As the Chris Henry story unfolded today, the fake account Tweeted inaccurate information about Henry’s condition.

More specifically, Gregg Rosenthal of NBC’s PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports: “a fake Twitter account led to multiple outlets from newspapers to major sports and news blogs to repeat information that Henry passed away.”

SbB was one of those sites and I apologize for the misinformation that was momentarily posted. I’m not going to identify the reporter unwittingly dragged into the situation nor dignify the person who set up the bogus account.

Because of fake accounts, Twitter as a legitimate news source was already on the wane. As it should be, considering what happened today. The days of reporting stories based on information from Twitter accounts is rapidly coming to a close.

Tony La Russa Hates Fake Profiles, Sues Twitter

Satire’s always the most difficult style of humor; either it’s really funny, or it’s just confusing and lame and a total bummer. Satire in 140 characters or less is even more difficult, and to this day, the only truly funny fake Twitter profile we can think of is the (sadly defunct) Fake Rick Reilly, host of such cringe-inducing gems as “Houston, you don’t have a problem! Beating the Lakers in LA is enough to make any fan say Yao-ie!”

La Russa Fingers
(”140 characters? How about two: FU”)

Then there was (key word was; we’ll get to that) Tony La Russa’s fake Twitter profile, which had a typical ho-hum reference to his DUI and, a location of, um, “tossing Albert Pujols‘ salad.” So that gives you a good idea of what an intellectual titan we’re dealing with here. Obviously, there’s only one proper response by La Russa and his bored lawyer friends legal representation: our good old friend, the lawsuit (H/T: Leitch):  Read more…