Michael Strahan To Retire? “It’s Time, It’s Done”

Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com reports today that Michael Strahan is claiming that he’s decided to retire:

“It was important that my teammates knew which way I was going before they got on the field to start the work to defend our title,” (Strahan) said from California. “It’s time. I’m done.”

Michael Strahan

Strahan finally made up his mind a week ago but wanted to take the extra days to make sure his feeling on the matter was 100 percent.

Now, we’re all thinking the same thing on this one right? Something along the lines of this?

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VY: “I ain’t never said I was going to quit football”

Were you as skeptical as I was when the absurd assertion was floated earlier this week that Vince Young contemplated retirement after his rookie season?

Vince Young drunk and shirtless

Apparently not, as all the media reports I observed at the time seemed to take a VY quote seriously that indicated he was ready to step away from the game after the 2006 season.

Today the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports that Young now says he never considered quitting football (he saw his paycheck?).

Young: “I ain’t never said I was going to quit football.

A telling comment. Not about Young’s football career, but the state of the University of Texas’ Department of English. Read more…