Olympics Officials Struggling to Put Butts in Seats

You would think the Olympics are as hot a ticket as tickets get. Once every four years, people play for national pride on the grandest stage and blah blah blah, and other people want to go see that. Or do they?

Turns out, bureaucrats in Beijing are having a bit of trouble filling seats for their events, and, being that they’re the image-conscious Chinese authority, have resorted to borderline dishonesty to resolve the problem.

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Bad Sign: Petty The Best Thing About SB So Far

Stinkbomb first half, which is just the way the Giants wanted it.

Tom Petty

Having not listened to Tom Petty in many, many years, I must say that his halftime show wasn’t half bad. Medley-free made it even better. We’re guessing some of the Heartbreakers received promotional consideration from Just For Men.

Why did they feel the need to stuff the fake, overexcited crowd on the field? Petty is weed smoking chill music, the Cameron Crazies in front of him made no sense.

Quick observation: Notice how many times electronic media members said how “relaxed” and “cheerful” Bill Belichick was before the game (and this week)? Sounds like he might consider going back his his normally glowerful sideline self.

And wake me when Troy Aikman says something interesting.

UPDATE: After reading through a few blogs, apparently not many people agree with our complimentary assessment of Petty. Example.