It’s Come to This? NBA Piping in Fake Crowd Noise

Let’s get one thing straight: The NBA is not hurting like the rest of American business. How do I know? SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL reports today that the Golden State Warriors have sold 12,000 full season ticket packages for this season. And the Lakers, who lead the NBA with an average ticket price of $95 per game, had a season seat renewal rate of 99 percent.

Detroit Pistons Cheerleaders

(Cheerleaders are collateral activity I can handle)

That doesn’t mean though that times aren’t tougher around the league. I heard from several sources here in L.A. that the Clippers-Lakers season opener, which was a home game for the Clips, wasn’t sold out. And there are plenty of other teams struggling with declining attendance and an apathetic fan base.

One team, the Detroit Pistons, is getting proactive in an attempt to keep fans coming back to The Palace. Today’s the club traded for perennial All-Star Allen Iverson, which should do a lot to energize the fan base.

The other thing the Pistons have been doing to keep the fans awake and alive? Fake crowd noise. Read more…

Colts Refuse To Deny Fake Crowd Noise At RCA Dome

COLTS DON’T DENY THEY PIPED IN DIN AGAINST PATRIOTS: The accusation that the Colts contributed to a considerable din inside their dome last Sunday has been roundly denied by CBS and the NFL - but still not by the Colts themselves.

Colts Patriots Tickets

The club put out this statement today, in an attempt to mop up the last faction of disbelievers staunchly lodged in New England: “We trust this will put an end to the ridiculous and unfounded accusations that the Colts artificially enhanced crowd noise at the RCA Dome in any way.“As Drew from points out, the carefully-worded defense doesn’t include a denial of any kind.

Additionally, we wish we could say we were surprised that no one in the mainstream media has brought up this story:

Colts Crowd Noice Accusation By Steelers

ESPN’s Ed Werder also reported on the Steelers accusations in 2005, but there has been nary a mention about that past piece by Chris Berman and Chris Mortensen, who have done little more than take the NFL’s word for it that the Colts didn’t cheat again.Meanwhile, the BOSTON HERALD reports today that Bill Belichick said his team’s coach-to-quarterback communication hookup on Sunday was inoperable (while the Colts apparently had no such problem).

In the aftermath of Pats getting slapped for apparently attempting to capture the malevolent ghostly presence of Rich Kotite onto celluloid (we kid), we’re sure the subsequent events are complete coincidence.

Fake Crowd Noise Could Be Heard During Colts Patriots Game on Sunday

COLTS-PATS CLASH FURNISHED WITH FAKE CROWD NOISE?: The crowd was pumped on Sunday for the Colts-Patriots showdown. But was it from an artificial pump?

Patriots Colts

PRO FOOTBALL TALK questions the authenticity of the noise that came from the RCA Dome crowd. The site supplies this audio clip from the CBS broadcast for judgement.

Near the end, you notice some repeating reverb coming from the Indianapolis faithful. The background sound then shuts off, and the crowd sounds a whole lot quieter.

Hanna Barbera sound effects cds

It’s sort of like a CD skipping. Were fake cheers being piped into the Dome? Or was CBS injecting their own aural effects into the game via a sound studio in New York?

Or could it be that all 60,000 attendees brought in their own wah-wah pedals and played them simultaneously, as part of some odd Guinness world record?

SbB Crystal Annie Guinness

We’re not sure, but a Guinness does sound good right now.

*UPDATE*: Patriots president Jonathan Kraft told the NFL about the skipping audio and wants the league to take action. However, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello responded that the weird noise was confirmed to be tape feedback from the CBS production truck, and there was no evidence of extra sound pumped into the stadium.