Video: French Soccer Player Faints On Field. Again

We’ve probably been spoiled by the influx of mystery shows on television, misled into thinking that doctors and authorities are all attractive supergeniuses who can solve any puzzle in front of them - in spite of all evidence existing in reality (CSI:NY? Really? They’re actually investigating murders in New York all of a sudden?).

Bafetimbi Gomis faint
(Does he have to faint with his eyes open? That’s so creepy.)

House, of course is no exception; if that show were right, then a soccer player who faints twice in the course of his club’s training would probably be put into the care of four impossibly young and attractive doctors, none of whom will figure out what’s wrong until the player’s life is in grave danger. No, this is real life, so said soccer player continues to practice, and… okay, great, down he goes for a third time. Damn it. Video and story after the break.

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