Barnsley FC Is Becoming Soccer’s George Mason

Nobody expected Barnsley FC to beat Liverpool last month, considering they were literally in different leagues. But after this afternoon’s 1-0 upset of another world-class team, Chelsea, Barnsley is now becoming the George Mason of soccer.

Barnsley FC fan

Keep in mind that Barnsley is not even one of the best teams of England’s “minor league” of soccer. They’re 18th in the euphemistically-named Championship League standings, and they’ve beaten teams currently 3rd and 4th in the Premiership. Read more…

Liverpool Suffers Shocking Loss, or So I’m Told

I’m not what you would call a soccer expert. I only figured out the offside rule in 2004. But apparently Liverpool losing to some team called Barnsley in the FA Cup is a pretty big deal.

Beatles Liverpool

Some are calling this is the biggest upset in European soccer history. Others are saying, “Barnsley sounds like the name of a butler. Stop talking to me about soccer.” So to get the straight dope, I turned to a soccer expert. Read more…