Kim K’s Got Too Much Push In The Tush For Bush

Celebutantes such as the lovely Kim Kardashian attract our attention for mostly their looks and giggles about their aspirations and film “projects”, mainly thinly veiled attempts to exploit what looks they have. Now, her beau, New Orleans Saints’ running back Reggie Bush, isn’t quite thrilled with those looks so much.

Kim Kardashian bikini

The NEW YORK POST’S “Page Six” clues us in to Bush’s desire to see Kardashian lose a little of the cushion he’s been pushin’ for a while now.

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Denmark: Today’s Booze Is Good For You Study

TIME magazine gives a toast to a new study that may be too good to be true - drinking can actually be good for you.

Drew Curtis Admiral Ackbar SbB Gig

Researchers in Denmark have determined that a glass of alcohol a day can have the same beneficial effect on the heart as moderate exercise. Both activities create HDL, also known as ‘good cholesterol’, that helps clean out fatty deposits in the blood stream.

During a 20-year study of over 12,000 subjects, researchers found that moderate drinkers and non-drinking exercisers have a 30% less chance of heart disease than those that don’t drink or work out. And those that pound a brew after pumping some iron have a 50% less chance of the disease.

But don’t go hitting the bars for your health just yet.

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Moralistic Utah Oafs Offended By Gym’s Gyrations

Some Utah busybodies have their panties in a bunch over the scantily-clad hardbodies shown at a couple of local gyms.

Pole exercising

The DESERET MORNING NEWS reports that a collection of prudish residents and student groups have petitioned the Gold’s Gyms in Provo & Orem to change their videos on display - claiming that some of their in-house programming is ‘pornographic’.

In addition, they demand that blinds be installed in rooms where more ‘provocative’ workouts take place, such as…*gasp*, dancing! Petitioners proclaim they’ve been shamed by what they’ve seen behind the glass walls of their local for-profit physical activity center.

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