Nuclear F-Bombs Liven Up Sports Radio (w/ Audio)

If there were a poll of “localities with the most boring sports radio possible,” Central Iowa would definitely receive a fair amount of votes (North Dakota, as always, retains their title in a runaway). Without a pro team and surrounded by mediocre-to-awful college teams, there just isn’t much for the on-air talent to talk about. Then their studio begins to resemble a prison, a dimly lit cell where tensions run high and hygienes run low.

Tirrell and young lady
(The F-bomber in Chicago… and the shorts that may have inspired him)

So when there’s a breaking point, oh god, does it ever break. Witness the calamity that unfolded on Des Moines’ KXNO, an ESPN Radio affiliate. The principal parties in this sh-tstorm are hosts Marty Tirrell and Larry Cotlar, and they seem to be fighting over, um, media credentials used at a high school basketball game. Yeah, seems benign, right? Apparently not; Tirrell was enraged enough to scream, according to the DES MOINES REGISTER, “over a dozen” effenheimers at Cotlar over a commercial break. One slight problem: the mics were still live.

The audio is after the break, mainly because it’s riotously NSFW. Read more…