Ana Ivanovic May Host Eurovision Song Contest And Screw Vlade Divac

TO THINK VLADE DIVAC THOUGHT HE HAD IT LOCKED DOWN: The U.S. (tennis) Open starts today, and we’ve got a serious favorite in mind: Teen hottie Ana Ivanovic.

Ana Ivanovic Photos

Besides being a badass on the court (ask Maria Sharapova about the French Open), Ivanovic is our current soft-teenie-dream (we know, that sounds way creepy). And thanks to Darren Rovell of CNBC, it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones considering a move to bombed-out Belgrade (Ana’s hometown).

Ana Ivanovic

Much, much more important is the latest entertainment news from Serbia (oxymoron?). The Belgrade newspaper BLIC reports today that Ivanovic may host the biggest annual TV event in Europe: The Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Song Contest

The mid-September TV production, which inspired America’s American Idol and was originated in 1956, is being held in Belgrade this year (and features upwards of 500 million viewers).BLIC: “Ana is very popular on the international scene and would indeed excell in portraying and showcasing a good image of Serbia. She would be a popular choice thanks to her fame, internationally acclaimed status, charm and mesmerising looks.

Eurovision Song Contest

All true. And let’s be real. It’s down to her, Vlade Divac and probably some gender-neutral guy who looks like a long-lost Depeche Mode band member. Who would you take?