Carlos Boozer Latest NBA Star Thinking of Europe

Apparently everybody on the U.S. Men’s Basketball team is under the impression that China is a country in Europe, because it’s been the only things on their minds lately. While Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have both publicly toyed with the idea of going overseas in a few years, I’m okay with the fact they don’t know China is located in Asia. After all, neither of them went to college.

Carlos Boozer thinking Euro

That being said, Utah Jazz forward Carlos Boozer went to Duke, so you would think he’d have a better idea about world geography. Of course, going to Duke did teach Carlos a thing or two about having and making money. Which is why when he was asked about the possibility of someday playing in Europe, he admitted to being open to it.

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Point Guard Prospect To Play Across The Pond?

Incoming Arizona freshman Brandon Jennings is expected in summer school next week to shore up his status before hitting the court as Lute Olson’s choice to replace the one-and-done Jerryd Bayless, who’s expected to be a lottery pick. Thing is, Jennings hasn’t quite cleared the standardized test bar with the SAT.

Brandon Jennings

So, if he doesn’t hurdle it on his third try taking the exam, ESPN’s Andy Katz reports the likely one-and-done star will try heading overseas to earn a few Euros for a year before declaring for the 2009 NBA Draft.

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BC Žalgiris Has The Recipe For Grinding It Out

You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of this Lithuanian basketball team. Neither had we, until we learned about their revolutionary new training regimen.

chicken and porn

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Euroleague Wants You to Dance With Cheerleaders

Euroleague, the basketball version of soccer’s Champions League, pulls together the best teams from each European basketball league every other year for their own Champions Cup. Their own Final Four takes place in early May. You may want to block out time to be in Madrid for it.

Euroleague cheerleaders

What? You’re not a basketball fan? Or of Europe? Or leaving your room? Fair enough. What if we told you that Euroleague has combined with a sports bra maker for a contest that could win you a trip to Madrid for their Final Four? No, huh? What if we also told you that the contest winner will also complete a routine with their cheerleaders?

Yeah, no problem; we’ll notify your family for you. Go ahead and pack.

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