Jenn Sterger: Full Coverage On Danica ESPY Look

Jenn Sterger of Versus had this analysis of Danica Patrick’s appearance on the red carpet at the ESPYs on Thursday:

Jenn Sterger On Danica Patrick On ESPYs Red Carpet

After viewing a certain woman’s red carpet pics, I know what happens next @ It’s called a bukkake. Jeebus. Her stylist is fired

Is a stray shot or six of Aquanet reason to shower someone with such an insult?

Photo: Beadle In Need Of Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Missed the ESPYs last night because of season premiere of Billy The Exterminator but did manage to score this shot of Michelle Beadle at the bar last night - at ESPYs host hotel in downtown L.A.:

Michelle Beadle at the bar at the ESPYs

Apparently caught her right in the middle of a backup singer pitch for J.D. and the Straight Shot. Read more…

Week In Review: Tony’s Romo-ance w/Jessica Ova

• Dallas Cowboys fans finally have their prayers answered: Tony Romo has called it quits with Jessica Simpson.

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson

Chris Cooley doesn’t like to beat a dead horse - he prefers to blow it up instead.

Erin Andrews seems to appear a bit thin lately. Still, she knows how to look good in a shredded dress.

Gina Carano’s ex claims he has a sex tape of the MMA star in “action“.

• Former boxer Arturo Gatti found dead, supposedly killed by his wife.

Read more…

Jefferson Ended Wedding By Emailing Bride-To-Be

*Brooks will be at Dodger Stadium tonight Tweeting about Manny Ramirez’s triumphant return to Chavez Ravine.

Richard Jefferson tries to explain what really happened with his averted trip to the altar. It involves ending his relationship via email - along with sending a six-figure settlement to the jilted bride.

Richard Jefferson Kesha Nichols

• NASCAR racer Jeremy Mayfield tests positive for meth. What, again?!?!

• The jokes at the ESPYs were so bad, producers were begging the audience to laugh & applaud - so they could edit it into the show later.

• But the real comedy highlight of the evening was a drunken Matt Kemp trying to break his fall by pulling down the top of his date’s dress.

• A youth soccer official is under investigation for embezzling over $100,000 from her local organization.

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Glad I Edged My Driveway Instead Of Doing ESPYs

I’m in L.A. so I half-considered going to the ESPYs last night. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Arash Markazi, with this Tweet, made me glad I didn’t.

ESPN had people clap and fake laugh because of bad jokes

Tonight tho I will be @ legit event here in Lipstick City. I’ll be posted in MannyWood for #99’s return and Tweeting about it all night in real time from the Left Field bleachers. You can follow my Tweets and photo posts here.

I’ll have more stuff from the game on SbB Friday, so long as my Kevlar vest isn’t compromised in the postgame parking lot.

Brog: The ESPYs Or Women’s Rugby Jamboree?

Travel day back to Los Angeles after what was a great week in NYC for the MLB All-Star game. Tomorrow we’re shooting a new SbB Girl, and some pics will be posted beginning next week.

Venice Beach Hair Horn Festival

(ESPYs top L.A. Sports Calendar. #2? Hair Horns’ Death Skate)

The only downer about this week was missing my favorite sports award show held in July in Los Angeles hosted by a sports network. Now, there aren’t many events that cause Lipstick City to stop and watch. I would rank the ESPYs right up there with Venice’s annual hair horns death skate. And don’t forget about the Cal-State L.A. annual women’s rugby jamboree held on the second Tuesday of every February.

So what puts the ESPYs at the bra-stuffed top? That’s easy, Adriana Lima: Read more…