ESPN-TV: ‘SportsNation’ Spinoff, Le Batard Show?

With a largely captive audience thanks to a decades-long death grip on major sports league broadcast rights, ESPN rarely moves to introduce original programming that does anything but please its league broadcast partners. (And Roger Goodell always stays on 16.)

Dan Le Batard

Hence, ESPN2 has long been a venue reserved for inconsequential game re-airs, production-free radio show simulcasts and cliche-worn, league-themed shows. Though if what I’ve been told in the past week is any indication, ESPN may actually be taking legitimate steps to reduce such programmed pablum. (Reduce, not eliminate.)

From multiple sources inside and outside ESPN, I’m hearing that the ratings success of ESPN2’s First Take and SportsNation has emboldened network executives to consider more substantial show concepts. Read more…

Sneak Video: Michelle Beadle Super Bowl Spots

Beadle slayed L.A. for a day last week, shooting Super Bowl ad goofs to be aired on ESPN’s SportsNation this week.

Michelle Beadle Super Bowl Parody Ads Credit ESPN SportsNation

(See Video (Below) Before It Airs On ESPN SportsNation This Week)

This is the first anyone - outside a Bristol editing booth - has seen the finished product, including Beadle herself.

Having just descended on DFW Sunday night for the The Bowl, Michelle was also kind enough to hold off a run to Whataburger to take us inside the actor’s studio.

Beadle via txt: Read more…

See It Before TV: Beadle’s Nike LeBron Ad Spoof

Later today on ESPN’s SportsNation, viewers will get another fun Michelle Beadle parody ad. The first big hit was her Brett Favre Wrangler takeoff:

Michelle Beadle LeBron Ad Spoof

Today Michelle goofs on the newest ode to Nike’s latest and greatest false idol - and you can see it here before it hits TV: Read more…

Photo: Michelle Beadle’s Bull Riding Old Boyfriend

A recurring question from emailers is the dating status of ESPN’s Michelle Beadle. I confess to not caring, but a quick search did turn up this delightful photo of her and former pro bull rider Justin McBride in 2003:

Michelle Beadle Boyfriend Photo Justin McBride Photo

The pic, taken in early 2003, is from a post about McBride on a site called Excerpt:

Hes one of the nicest of the young guns of the PBR; but forget it girls. Justin, as you can see in this picture, is spoken for .His girlfriend is the vivacious Michelle Beadle, former PBR commentator; and they sure make a great looking couple.

Both have since moved on. McBride to a wife and country music singing career and Beadle to ESPN’s SportsNation.

Speaking of Beadle’s past, she once hosted a TV dating show which matched mates based on their packing habits. Read more…

What Will Tony K. Say Of This ‘Sausage Casing’?

Love Michelle Beadle of the highly-rated ESPN SportsNation television show.

Now that we know she has a healthy appetite, love her even more. Could you ever imagine the razor-thin Erin Andrews actually eating a hot dog?

Erin Andrews on Dancing With The Stars

Oh, you have? My bad.