ESPN.Com More Interesting Than Special Ed Sex is one of the biggest-read non-porn websites on the Internet. Everyone from butchers to bakers to candlestick makers checks out the Worldwide Leader’s pages on the World Wide Web. Why, even school employees working with special needs students like to browse through it. traffic now trails

However, supervising special ed teens may not be the best time to go sports web surfing. It may distract you from your duties, and the kids could get into some mischief. What kind of mischief, you may ask? How about engaging in sex acts behind a classroom bookshelf?

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“Konami Code” Turns Magical, Sparkly

There are times when technology leads us to a breakthrough, a new way of learning and understanding the world. Sometimes, the Internet raises the level of knowledge and raises the level of humanity just one small, incremental, yet wondrous bit. This is not one of those times. Unicorn Screencap

According to KOTAKU, who we can’t thank enough, some rascals in ESPN.COM’s web development department added a simple bit of programming where if you type in the legendary “Konami code” on their home page, all sparkly unicorn hell breaks loose.

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Yahoo Sports #1; Lingerie Loss Puppy Bowl’s Gain

SbB passes along a rundown of the non-Randy Moss news of the day:

• Yahoo Sports is now grabbing more visitors than traffic now trails

• We can handle the loss of the Lingerie Bowl, just as long as the Puppy Bowl pounces onward.

Rick Neuheisel should have kept his players on shorter leashes during his U-Dub days.

George Brett no longer has the appetite for the restaurant business.

• A wedding gown-wearing reporter at Super Bowl Media Day asks for Tom Brady’s hand in marriage:

Ines Gomez Mont asks Tom Brady about marriage

• A new SI cover will show Tiger Woods as Jesus.

• Pardon the pulse interruption, but Michael Wilbon is recovering nicely from a heart attack.

Schrutebag wants to start a blog? Seriously?

Blogs: Arizona & Oregon Female Fans Slo-Mo Fight

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING via MAC G’s WORLD feels ducky about catching a catfight in the stands during Thursday’s Arizona-Oregon game:

• THE BACHELOR GUY breaks out the Wild Turkey, as they present the NFL Thanksgiving Drinking Game.• THE ANGRY T goes into lockdown, as they pass sentence on their NFL All-Criminal Team.• MR. IRRELEVANT knows how Appalachian State was able to beat Michigan - by distracting the Maize & Blue with fans like this:

Appalachian State girl

• JEN’S FREE THROWS has good news for all you Phoenix basketball bachelors - Suns dancer Jenni is still on the market.• Good night to good mornings, as today marks the final edition of’s A.M. Jump.