Photo: Erin Andrews Is Back In Her Party Dress

Turns out my sources at Axe were right.

Erin Andrews At Super Bowl Party

Erin Andrews was at the Axe party at LIV in the Fontainebleau Hotel last night.

Sponsor Confirms Erin Andrews To Diddy’s Party

Last Wednesday the MIAMI HERALD and other outlets were reporting that Erin Andrews would be attending a Super Bowl party hosted by Diddy at a Miami Beach hotel nightclub called LIV.

Erin Andrews to attend Diddy Super Bowl party in Miami

As Andrews wasn’t on the promo flyer for the party or on LIV’s website, I was a little suspicious that her name might be being used without her authorization.

Erin Andrews Diddy Super Bowl Party

Today I was contacted by two spokespersons for Axe, the company that is sponsoring the party.

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Erin Andrews: Hotel Super Bowl Party With Diddy?

While we were all a little worried about Erin Andrews in the aftermath of her stalker, I’m happy to report that she’ll (apparently) be out Sunday night in Miami for a Super Bowl party with Diddy at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

Erin Andrews Super Bowl Party With Diddy

(What’s the odds she didn’t authorize use of her name?)

The party starts at midnight after the game. (It’s Miami kiddos.) It is open to the public.

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