Florida Gators Find Success in Erin Andrews’ Bed

Countless magazines, newspaper articles and books have been dedicated to listing the top sports destinations in the world. The usual suspects of these lists include: Augusta National, Fenway Park, Lambeau Field and Wrigley Field.

Erin Andrews and Al Horford

Sadly, one dream sports destination that probably smells a lot better than Fenway Park and has a lot less grown men wearing face paint than Lambeau, continually gets overlooked - the bed of ESPN’s Erin Andrews. The list makers may be biased to the fact that no champions have been crowned there or it lacks the history, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the trip.

Two pieces of advice for you, if you decide to make the pilgrimage to Andrews’ bed: 1) Make sure she’s granted you permission to enter, hiding in the closet and popping out could result in some awkwardness or even an arrest. Unlike these other destinations, Andrews’ bed is not open to the public. 2) Check your calendar. Do not make the trip during a Florida Gators game, there will not be any room for you or anything else. Read more…