Is Deadspin Making ESPN A Sympathetic Figure?

One of the weirdest media side effects of the entire Steve Phillips/Brooke Hundley saga, as it unfolds, is DEADSPIN’s curious petulance about the whole saga. As Deadspin indicated, ESPN’s refusal to divulge more information than necessary about the Phillips case a month before it broke was enough justification to air dirty laundry about the rest of the sexual shenanigans they’d heard about the WWL. It merited a post titled “ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sexual Depravity.” Unequivocal, that.

Deadspin Threat
(Is that so?)

What ensued? A grand total of two stories, neither about anybody that casual ESPN fans have ever even heard of, before a strangely-worded, incorrectly-termed “denouement” that resolved little. Moreover, it had many in the blogosphere - which Deadspin and Daulerio purportedly represent - questioning what the hell the point of this could have been.

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