Now Jets Owner & GM Want Favre To Call It Quits

Another day, another way for Jets fans to twist and turn: According to the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER, team owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum have tired of the Brett Favre comeback storyline and just want him to retire already.

favre super jet

(A future entry in THE FAIL BLOG: Brett Favre Super Jet.)

Here’s what an anonymous Jets insider told Dave Hutchinson of the STAR-LEDGER:

“If Favre says he’s not coming back, I don’t know if that would be a great disappointment. … I think Woody and Mike are upset (with Favre’s late-season play) to a point, especially Woody. But I think they have to handle the situation with care. They’re not going to say publicly they don’t want Favre back, but privately I’m not so sure.”

It’s a stunning shift from the team’s approach before the season, when Favre was viewed as a panacea to both becoming competitive and financially lucrative. When Favre seemed to hit stride in midseason, Jets officials were so busy slapping each other — and NFL execs — on the back in the tunnel under Gilette Stadium they had no time to comprehend a potential meltdown.

Now that the inevitable “meltdown by hubris” has come, the team is left with a precarious diplomatic situation, with no real blueprint on how to act (note to Woody Johnson: Don’t follow the “Green Bay 2008″ program. Didn’t go over so well).

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Jets QB Ainge Busted For Roids?! Pfffhahahahaha

When you hear that a Jets quarterback was just nailed for using steroids, admit it, you were really hoping it was Brett Favre. Because I was too. But no, it’s actually Erik Ainge, the twig-like Tennessee product, who was just popped by the NFL for violating their steroid policy.

Erik Ainge RIPPD
(I knew it. I knew this wasn’t natural. Nobody gets ripped like that!)

Ainge is already out for the season with a broken foot, so while he’s “suspended for four games,” he’s really just taking a 25% pay cut on the season, so, “darn.”

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