Week In Review: Harry Kalas, Mark Fidrych R.I.P.

• A sad way to start the baseball week: Phillies announcer Harry Kalas & former Tigers pitcher Mark Fidrych both pass away on the same day.

Harry Kalas Mark Fidrych

• But it was nice to see Brian Bosworth help save an Oklahoman’s life.

• Wedding bells have rung for a couple of tennis stars: Andy Roddick ties the knot with Brooklyn Decker, while Roger Federer marries his manager.

• Padres pitcher Heath Bell is p.o.’ed about ESPN’s overwhelming coverage of all things Yankees, Mets & Red Sox.

• That stinks: Dwight Howard has a passion for passing gas.

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Erin Andrews To Be In Next EA Sports CFB Game

• The best reason to buy EA Sports’ next college football video game? The addition of the other EA: Erin Andrews.

Erin Andrews fullbody

John Madden lays down his last “BOOM!”, decides to call it quits.

• The NBA Playoff pairings are finally set. (All just a formality before the inevitable Kobe-LeBron finals?)

• Speaking of, the Celtics may have to spend their postseason without the services of Kevin Garnett.

Shaq’s Barber Shop is now open for business! First reluctant customer: Suns teammate Louis Amundson.

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Sox’s Buchholz Caught Boozing It Up With Berman

Clay Buchholz leads a charmed life. When the Red Sox pitcher’s not palling around (and then some) with Penthouse Pets, he’s throwing back some brews with Chris Berman.

Chris Berman Clay Buchholz

The BOSTON HERALD’s TRACKED DOWN spotted Buchholz, Boomer and Patriots linebacker Eric Alexanderhoisting a few at The Greatest Bar“.

Erica Ellyson

(Clay ditched *this* for beers with Berman?)

Seems like a social step down for Buchholz - going from entertainment with Erica Ellyson to boozing with Berman. (No offense meant to Mr. Alexander.) Wonder if Chris treated the wait staff the same way he treats “Monday Night Football” studio crews.

Red Sox’s Buchholz Bunking With Penthouse Pet

Just doing some double-checking to see of we’re on the Emperor’s Club list.

• Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz has been perusing with a Penthouse Pet.

Erica Ellyson Clay Buchholz

• The Sky turned out to be the limit for a Chicago WNBA coach fired over sexual harassment claims.

Terrell Owens shows his support for the U.S. Olympic softball team.

• A new study suggest that other golfers tense up when Tiger’s in town.

• Plans for a London Olympic Friend-Ship have been scuttled.

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Proud Papa Confirms Pitcher Dating Penthouse Pet

WITH LEATHER tosses over news that Red Sox hurler Clay Buchholz has apparently been getting hot & heavy with a Penthouse Pet.

Erica Ellyson Clay Buchholz

BARSTOOL SPORTS reports that Erica Ellyson was on the Howard Stern show on Tuesday, and the 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year had said she was “banging a Red Sox player” (possibly NSFW).

The BOSTON HERALD then tuned in to WZLX on Wednesday, and heard confirmation of the coupling from Clay’s dad. Read more…