Blasberg Case Break? Police Raid Doctor’s Office reports Sunday it has obtained documents confirming that four days after Erica Blasberg was found dead in her Las Vegas-area home, local police, “executed a search warrant on May 13 and raided the medical office and home of Dr. Thomas Hess.”

Erica Blasberg and Dr. Thomas Hess Photos

TMZ has specifics on what police were searching for:

Cops were on the hunt for “small blue oval pills in a 30 package blister pack.” Cops say they found a 30-package blister pack at Erica’s home after she died. We know cops were looking specifically for alprazolam (Xanax), which could have been the blue pills in question. Erica’s dad tells TMZ his daughter took Xanax over the last few years to fight anxiety.

Cops were also looking for white, medium-sized trash bags with no drawstrings, the same type of bags that were found next to Erica’s body. And we’ve learned cops found the same type of white bags in Dr. Hess’ medical office.

Also interesting is TMZ reporting that police looked to obtain a handwriting sample from Hess while raiding his office and home.  The website notes that, “Erica’s dad (Mel) says cops found ’some sort of note’ near the scene, but he didn’t have specifics.” Read more…