Audio: Erica Blasberg Suicide 911 Call Released

The 911 call involved with Erica Blasberg’s May 9 suicide was released by Henderson, Nev., Police today - along with the arrest of the man who phoned in that call after discovering Blasberg’s body.

Erica Blasberg and Dr. Thomas Hess 911 Call

The caller, Dr. Thomas Hess, turned himself into authorities today after an arrest warrant was issued for him on the charge of obstruction of justice. He has since posted bail and been released.

Blasberg’s father Mel is reportedly demanding that Hess reveal more of what he thinks Hess knows about the suicide of his daughter. Read more…

Coroner Reports Erica Blasberg Death Was Suicide

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL reports Tuesday afternoon that the death of pro golfer Erica Blasberg has been ruled suicide by the Clark County coroner.

Erica Blasberg and Dr. Thomas Hess Photos

Though not accused of affecting Blasberg’s death, Henderson, Nev., Police today issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Thomas Hess. The warrant includes obstruction of justice charges as it pertains to the removal of items from the scene of Blasberg’s death before police arrived on May 9.

More details of the nature of Blasberg’s passing were also provided by the coroner and police today.

Blasberg, 25, was found with a plastic bag over her head at her home at 2620 Hotel de Ville Terrace in the Anthem community on May 9. Read more…

Blasberg Case Break? Police Raid Doctor’s Office reports Sunday it has obtained documents confirming that four days after Erica Blasberg was found dead in her Las Vegas-area home, local police, “executed a search warrant on May 13 and raided the medical office and home of Dr. Thomas Hess.”

Erica Blasberg and Dr. Thomas Hess Photos

TMZ has specifics on what police were searching for:

Cops were on the hunt for “small blue oval pills in a 30 package blister pack.” Cops say they found a 30-package blister pack at Erica’s home after she died. We know cops were looking specifically for alprazolam (Xanax), which could have been the blue pills in question. Erica’s dad tells TMZ his daughter took Xanax over the last few years to fight anxiety.

Cops were also looking for white, medium-sized trash bags with no drawstrings, the same type of bags that were found next to Erica’s body. And we’ve learned cops found the same type of white bags in Dr. Hess’ medical office.

Also interesting is TMZ reporting that police looked to obtain a handwriting sample from Hess while raiding his office and home.  The website notes that, “Erica’s dad (Mel) says cops found ’some sort of note’ near the scene, but he didn’t have specifics.” Read more…

Blasberg’s Dad: Erica “Missed Having a Boyfriend”

The Henderson, NV police investigation into the death of Erica Blasberg has thus far been airtight. When was the last time the tabloids and the usual news channel suspects got completely shutout of a murder mystery involving someone like Blasberg? (Attractive blonde female, pro athlete.)

Henderson Police Chief Jutta Chambers And Nancy Grace And Erica Blasberg

(Henderson Police Chief Chambers Has Thwarted Grace’s Tab TV)

If there were leaks coming from Henderson Police Chief Jutta Chambers or others within the department, Blasberg’s death would be the lead for the tabs and news channels for months. Without leaks, it’s back to Charlie Sheen and the latest trailer park intrigue.

Of course, that all could change before I finish writing this post. And it isn’t like HLN’s Nancy Grace isn’t trying horn in on the story. Last week Grace led off her coverage about Blasberg by saying the golfer was, possibly smothered to death in the bedroom of her desert home.

Despite admittedly no inside intel, Grace repeated that assertion multiple times during her show last Wednesday. (1:28) Though knowing what we currently know from the police, Blasberg’s father Mel and Erica’s caddy Missy Pederson, Grace’s guess is a reasonable one.

Understandably, Mel Blasberg has been all over the map in his comments about his sadly departed daughter. Though his comments are all we have to go on when it comes to Erica’s latest state of mind.

To that end, Mel has made a couple comments that haven’t been widely reported that might give insight to what led to Erica’s untimely demise. Read more…