Browns Announce Holmgren Has Joined The Team

The Cleveland Browns announced this afternoon that Mike Holmgren has joined the franchise as team president.

Eric Mangini

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Edwards’ Pimp Hand Can’t Keep Cribbs in Hospital

Alex Marvez of reports this morning that Josh Cribbs is out of the hospital after suffering a concussion on the last play of the game between the Browns and Ravens last night.

Ray Lewis Knocks Out Josh Cribbs

Cribbs was forearmed in the face by Ravens DE Dwan Edwards on the Browns’ ill-fated last-second pass play to end the game.

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You’d Never Know It By Looking At Eric Mangini

I don’t know how many times I’ve set out for Chick-fil-A on Sunday …

ChickFila sign Like The Browns We Take Sundays Off

… and then remembered half-way there, or when I’m pulling up.

Browns Saying No Mas To Generalisimo Mangini?

In the glory days of the 49ers, owner Eddie DeBartolo was infamous for packing up the entire team and trundling them off to Hawaii for a couple of days of R&R, on his own dime. Just a gesture to show you how much we care, you adorable lugs. And coach Bill Walsh was noted for his light practices and tendency to dress as a bellhop at the team hotel. Current Browns coach Eric Mangini has a different approach.

Eric Mangini

Five of his players are pursuing grievances with the NFLPA for his prolific use of the ticket book. The Browns coach as fined players for such things as illegal parking, having their cell phones go off in meetings, and my favorite: Not paying a hotel bill for a $3 bottle of water. And judging by Sunday’s 34-3 loss to Baltimore, the players may have had enough. Have the Browns quit on Mangini?

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Browns Player Fined $1,701 Over $3 Bottled Water

Eric Mangini is certainly making an impression in Cleveland. The Browns coach has so far sent rookies on a 10-hour bus trip to work at a “voluntary” football camp, demanded $500,000 worth of changes to the coaching offices, and has even been accused of spreading “diva” rumors about Michael Crabtree (although that last item seems to have some truth to it).

Eric Mangini bottled water

And now the Mangenius is trying to instill the notion in his players’ heads to be fiscally responsible & always settle your debts. How far is the coach willing to go to teach this lesson? He apparently fined a player $1,701 over a $3 bottle of water.

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Speed Read: Rich Rod Fails At Jedi Mind Tricks

Rich Rodriguez finally has some breathing room at Michigan. After going on the hot seat after a 3-9 debut season that was the worst in school history, Rodriguez was almost buried before the season began by a range of allegations including violating NCAA practice rules and getting sued for a condo deal gone bad. But after a 38-34 win over Notre Dame in one of the most amazing college football games ever played a college football game, the Wolverines are back in the Top 25 and suddenly relevant again.

Rich Rodriguez point

So how does Rich Rod celebrate this stunning reversal of fortune? Exactly like you would expect he would: by opening his fool mouth and blowing out any goodwill he had earned by blatantly lying. It’s not his fault: it’s human nature. We all revert back to our default mechanisms at some point. For Rodriguez, it’s making an ass out of himself.

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Crabtree To Sit Out Season, Re-Enter NFL Draft?

As PRO FOOTBALL TALK mentioned today, the situation with Michael Crabtree’s holdout is steadily declining into “disaster” territory. Now, according to his agent Eugene Parker, Crabtree is planning to sit the entire season out, then join the 2010 NFL Draft (in prime time!) in search of a new team.

Michael Crabtree catch
(This is Michael Crabtree catching a football during a football game. Just keeping it fresh in your mind, since you’re not going to be seeing it for a good, long while.)

Crabtree, the phenomenally productive and talented receiver out of Texas Tech (best known for driving a wooden stake through Texas’ season), was the 10th pick of the draft. Obviously, he thinks he should have gone higher - or should be paid as such, anyway. Never mind that the “big” money comes from the second contract, not the rookie contract.

But if there’s some chuckling you hear, it’s probably coming from Cleveland. Read more…

Can Braylon Edwards Freshen That Drink For You?

This photo is OK if you’re Charlie Sheen, or you have a bet with Big Enos Burdette that you and the Bandit can get all of this to Atlanta in 28 hours. But if you’re wide receiver and perennial screwup Braylon Edwards, perhaps it isn’t the best PR move of the century to be posing on your Facebook page with this much hooch.

Braylon Edwards

Not only did Edwards lead the league in drops last season, but he also failed his physical and injured himself in a pickup basketball game. And don’t forget the time he injured his foot when a teammate stepped on it because Edwards was running practice routes in his socks. But the bigger issue here, of course, is that Edwards was out drinking with Donte Stallworth on the fateful night of Stallworth’s DUI accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian. But welcome to my basement anyway! How do you like your martini? (Hick!) Read more…

Braylon Edwards Injures Self In Pickup Basketball

It’s a contract year for Braylon Edwards, and if there’s one constant among professional athletes, it’s that contract years are their best years; one good season can erase years of underperformance and lead to a giant contract (these usually make their way into “severe regret” territory; see Austin Croshere for more). If Edwards’ 2009 is more like his 2007 (1289 yards, 16 TDs) than his 2008 (873 yards, 3 TDs, 1 seriously pissed off city of Cleveland), then it’s money time, chocos!

Braylon catch
(Braylon actually making a catch, meaning this was probably from 2 years ago.)

So it stands to reason that Braylon should want to start the contract year off on the right foot, especially with a new coach with a penchant for controversy. Nothing but good decisions from here on out, right? Oh, but he’s got an “undisclosed injury.” Um, what? Say, there’s the fantastic Cleveland blog WAITING FOR NEXT YEAR. We could ask them. And they’re… shaking their head sadly.

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Mangini Puts Rookies On Bus Trip… For 10 Hours

Hazing: it’s a problem. Sure, it’s not the horror show that superconcerned talking newsheads or bad afternoon movies make it out to be, but it’s still a good way to create unpleasantness and lingering distrust among a group. Oh, and team unity or something. Still, it’s bad enough that all sports ban it outright.

Short Bus
(There is absolutely no evidence that a short bus was used to transport any players. Then again, there’s no evidence that there weren’t any used…)

So when, as the CLEVELAND PLAIN-DEALER reports, an NFL source refers to something as “a sophisticated form of hazing” that he’s never seen anything like before, you’d think there’s some serious issues with player discipline, right? Has to be, right? Actually, it’s a head coach at work - Eric Mangini, to be precise, and only, oh, every single rookie on the team getting mistreated.

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