Alicia Sacramone Dating Brown FB Benchwarmer

Brown football players don’t exactly get a lot of press. Then again, most of them aren’t dating two-time Olympian and general machine of gymnastic voluptuousness Alicia Sacramone. But there’s always the exception to the rule, and ladies and gentlemen, we now know who the exception to that rule is: defensive back Eric Hunt!

alicia sacramone boyfriend take 2
(Yup. She has a boyfriend, and it’s that dude on the right.)

THE BIG LEAD broke the story, thanks to a tip off from a mutual friend of the couple. Or, perhaps, a former mutual friend of the couple. Who knows whether Sacramone was willing to have her relationship with a guy who has a truly odd-looking shaved head and may or may not have a gap in his teeth revealed. And he has a soul patch. Not that it takes away from her aforementioned voluptuousness, but hey, the guy’s a little weird looking, right?

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