Gagne Once Again Proves Nothing In Life Is Free

So I finally found something worse than watching Eric Gagne pitch this season - a free ticket giveaway that isn’t free.

Eric Gagne

(Q: What does Gagne’ offer and your rental car company have in common? (answer below))

Drew Olson of and ESPN Radio Milwaukee reports today that Brewers reliever Eric Gagne is giving away 5,000 tickets to tonight’s Brewers-Pirates game via the team’s official site (hurry up!).

Olson: “Gagne, who has drawn fan ire with some shaky relief work this season, purchased 5,000 tickets to the game, which will be given away free to fans through the team Web site.”

Why, how tres genereux of our friendly, neighborhood underperforming Quebecer who used to be a roided-up Dodger.

Sadly though, much like that price your favorite airline and/or rental car company and/or hotel quotes you, there’s a catch.

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Gagne Gags Again, Blows Another Brewers Save

Eric Gagne must have been born in a barn, as the Brewers reliever once again couldn’t close the door on Sunday.

Eric Gagne Brewers behind

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL details the latest collapse by the one-time ace of saves. Milwaukee had a 3-1 lead going into the bottom of the 10th, when Gagne was brought out to the mound to finish off the Reds. Three batters later, it was Eric who was finished.

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Red Sox’s Gagne Getting Defaced On Facebook

RILED-UP RED SOX FANS DEFACING GAGNE ON FACEBOOK: Red Sox Nation is going through a slight depression, now that Boston is behind 2-1 in the ALCS. Lots of fans are blaming Eric Gagne, who helped open the floodgates of the Indians’ 7-run 11th inning in Game 2.

Eric Gagne Red Sox

As a result, SPORTSBLAHG has discovered many groups popping up on the Facebook social site, all in the name of lambasting the relief pitcher.A selection of the more-printable ones (with the original spellings & grammar) include:

• Americans for Deporting Eric Gagne
• If Gagne blows another game i am going to flip
• Newest Red Sox curse: Eric Gagne
• Eric Gagne Comes into the Game, Go to a Different Room
• All Eric Gagne does is blow saves
• Designate Gagne for Assignment
• Eric Gagne Depreciation Group
• Eric Gagne: Yankee Saboteur?
• Eric Gagne Hurt My Feelings
• Eric Gagne Should Consider Suicide
• Eric Gagne ruined my picturesque playoffs
• Eric Gagne for Prezident (Description: Chokes harder than Bush on a pretzel)
• Isn’t it ironic that Eric Gagne’s last name means “to win” in French??
• Eric Gagne should be kicked in the balls by everyone in New England.

Do these Facebook follies actually yield results? Will Sox owner John Henry soon ship out the beleaguered reliever?

Matt Grothe USF Facebook

Better ask the folks at Central Florida. Last week, a whole bunch of UCF fans poked the account of South Florida QB Matt Grothe like crazy before their big encounter. But the poking ploy backfired, as the Bulls ran all over the Knights, 64-12.

Gagne & Fellow Dodgers Ignored @ L.A. Nightcub

Spent a good portion of the evening last night at a very popular Pasadena nightclub. While I was hanging out I noticed several Dodgers were also in attendance - with all-world closer Eric Gagne among them.

Eric Gagne Dogers

I was next to them for 2-3 hours and amazingly, not one person came up to the hulking Gagne (or anyone in the entire group) and said anything. No comments, free drink offers and/or autograph requests. None.

I guess it was a good thing for those guys but it’s also kind of strange - and sad. Hard to believe that the Montreal Mountain Man, who was arguably the second-best player in the National League last year, garners zero public notice from Angelenos.

I don’t know if it’s a commentary on the laissez-faire attitude of Dodger fans or merely more evidence of the erosion of fan support that baseball has suffered in the last decade.