Docs: SMU Booster’s 1982 “Payroll” From Meyer

With the recent interest in the infamous SMU football program that received the NCAA Death Penalty in 1987, here are a couple documents that played a role in that sordid saga.

SMU Payroll documents 1982 team from Ron Meyer

The documents represent the partial “payroll” of the 1982 SMU football team. Read more…

Eric Dickerson Holds Estate Sale, Strange Items Land On Ebay

WE’RE STILL HOLDING OUT FOR JACKIE SLATER’S SHOE TREE: An emailer tips off SPORTS REVIEW magazine that Eric Dickerson had an “estate sale” last weekend - and some of the items from the sale have since landed on Ebay:

Eric Dickerson Duffle Bag

We’re really excited about the news, as ED’s duffle bag will make our weekend jaunts to Laughlin via the Greyhound in the sky that much more enjoyable.