NFL Looks For More Ugly Green Dots On Helmets

The NFL is heavily considering and expected to approve a new rule allowing a defensive player to have a radio in his helmet during games next year. Of course, this means one more odd-looking green dot on the field of play on Sundays.

Drew Brees green dot

The WASHINGTON POST reports that, as with any new proposed rule, 2/3 of the owners will have to approve allowing the radio in the helmet. It’ll basically connect one player to the coach or defensive coordinator (my guess is the team’s middle linebacker will be the one receiving the plays more often than not.)

Also, as is required of any piece on radio communication for the defense, makes the obligatory references to the Jets’ signals being videotaped by the Patriots.

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Baseball GMs Agree To Base Coach’s Head Protection Next Season

MLB GMs WANT HELMETS ON BASE COACHES NEXT SEASON: Although their support of instant replay might fall on deaf ears, baseball GMs should have a better chance with their proposal of base coaches wearing helmets:

Batting helmet Mike Coolbaugh

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that general managers have agreed that all first- and third-base coaches must have additional head protection for next season.The decision comes four months after Mike Coolbaugh, a first-base coach for the minor league Tulsa Drillers, was killed by a line drive during a game.

The GMs will decide what exactly safety measures they’ll enforce when they meet next month. Unlike the instant replay vote, MLB VP Joe Garagiola Jr. said the agreed-upon requirements will not need additional approval from the owners or Bud Selig.