Did Steelers Blood Dope Before The Super Bowl?

A currently unregulated medical procedure done by a handful of athletes is being put under a little scrutiny. It’s a procedure that does exactly what Human Growth Hormone allegedly has done for MLB stars: it dramatically speeds up recovery from injury. And it’s a procedure that two Pittsburgh Steelers in particular apparently did two weeks before the Super Bowl.

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(Hines Ward at the Super Bowl: Brought to you by PPT.)

According to a story in THE NEW YORK TIMES by Alan Schwarz, Steelers stars Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu both used a controversial procedure called Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy before last month’s Big Game. What does PPT do, you ask? Well, when the platelet-rich blood is re-injected into an injured region of the player’s body, it speeds up the healing process and, in some cases, may even allow them to avoid surgery.

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Dick Pounded: EPO Tests Don’t Work, Says Study

A study to be published today in the JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY completed by a respected lab in Copenhagen shows that the test for EPO (used in endurance sports, like the Tour de France cyclists and marathons) used by the World Anti-Doping Agency does not work in WADA’s own labs.


(Maybe WADA thinks they’re testing for prog rock?)

The Copenhagen lab had eight strapping young lads take EPO and then provide urine samples. The samples were sent off to two labs used by WADA to be tested for EPO. Under WADA’s testing protocol, none of them men would have tested positive for EPO if they were athletes. Some came up positive (or “suspicious”) at each lab, but neither lab found the same samples to be suspect.

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