Youk’s Charity Called Out For Ignoring Tax Forms

Say what you will about the Red Sox (and I do), but it’s hard to doubt their commitment to charity. The Jimmy Fund, the Red Sox Wives, the Shade Foundation, Hits For Kids…actually, scratch that last one. In the eyes of the state of Massachusetts, Kevin Youkilis‘ charity isn’t technically a charitable organization, because they “forgot” to register as a nonprofit. Whoops.

Kevin Youkilis and Enza Sambataro

Youk’s Hits For Kids raised more than $1 million last year, and donated more than 80 percent of that to various children’s hospitals and charities. But tell that to Massachusetts Attorney Grinch, I mean General, Martha Coakley, who notified the organization this week that it is violation of state law, and if it’s not rectified soon, those kids are just going to have to find their cancer treatment somewhere else.

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Youkilis Happily Takes Affleck’s Sloppy Seconds

Ben Affleck fancies himself one of the biggest Red Sox fans. Now the actor is sharing one more thing with his favorite team: former girlfriend Enza Sambataro, who married Kevin Youkilis yesterday. Because Youkilis is so tough, he’ll likely play through the lacerations he received from stepping on the glass.

Enza Sambataro

David Ortiz, Mike Lowell and Dustin Pedroia attended the wedding in Cabo San Lucas, along with Mike O’Malley and one of the Wahlberg brothers, and this post is fast turning into Boston B-List Hell. Far be it from me to say that Youkilis is just looking for eye candy to add to the current stable of Red Sox wives, but Sambataro’s job is listed as CEO of Youkilis’ charity. Thankfully she is pretty easy on the eyes: (Pics after the jump.)

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Enza Sambataro Photos Kevin Youkilis Fiance

FINDING THE BEST WAY TO YOUKILIS A BALLPLAYER’S LIFE: ATTN: Kevin Youkilis. Please answer the following yes-no questions in order to better help you find your future wife.

Are you looking for a girl who:

1) Has been used-up and spit out by Ben Affleck?
2) Has already been married and pushed out a kid?
3) Refers to you as “insta-dad”?
4) Has been arrested for shoplifting?

If you answered “Yes” to all these questions, please proceed to the nearest ATM machine, take out all your cash, and hand it to this woman:

KevinYoukilis Enza Sambataro

Oops, looks like you already did!Our favorite quote in the BOSTON GLOBE puffer from Youkilis’ “insta-mom“, Enza Sambataro: “It’s a day-to-day thing,” she said, laughing. “Saturday, we weren’t getting married because Kevin had too many margaritas. But it’s back on now. Right, Kev?