Pele Made The Plays, But Sadly Missed The Boat

So here’s today’s question to ponder while waiting in line at Starbucks: What would Pele, perhaps the greatest player ever in the world’s most popular sport, make today in endorsement deals? Is there a dump truck big enough to transport all that loot? As big as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are in the corporate world, as huge as Michael Phelps is and will become outside of the pool, if he played today, Pele would be bigger. Oh yeah, how quickly we forget.


It’s one of fate’s cruel ironies that David Beckham, who was practically booed off the field in his LA Galaxy closing act recently, made $45 million in endorsements last year, while the former Brazilian soccer great is struggling to make a living. All because he was born a couple of decades too early. Read more…

Iranian NBA Player Cannot Accept Endorsements

Unless you’ve spent the last 30 years or so living under a rock, you know that the relationship between the United States and Iran isn’t the friendliest one in the world. Something about them holding Americans hostage, our friendship with Israel, and nuclear weapons has driven a divide between our two countries. Still, we do have something in common with Persians, and that’s that we both love our sports.

This can be seen by the adoration for Memphis Grizzlies rookie Hamed Haddadi. Haddadi has spent most of his rookie season shuffling back and forth between Memphis and Bismarck in the NBDL, but that hasn’t stopped all the Iranians living in the United States from following Haddadi’s every move in the NBA. In fact, if he wanted to, Haddadi could probably get some pretty nice endorsement deals (possibly for gold chains and silk shirts). Well, he could if it wasn’t for that whole trade embargo we have with Iran.

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PGA’s Moore Dumps Sponsors’ Logos And Clubs

You have to hand it to PGA golfer Ryan Moore. He may not be winning a lot of tournaments, but he’s performing with class. And, by doing so, he’s performing a lot better, too.

ryan moore no sponsors

(No PING, no problems.)

In his fourth year on tour, Moore — the former UNLV All-American and U.S. Public Links and U.S. Amateur champion — had been heavily sponsored by Ping since starting his professional career, but decided to stop using sponsored clothing and clubs this year to help him, “go back to playing golf because I loved playing golf.” As reported in USA TODAY, the results have been mixed, with Moore improving on the course while turning heads with his choice of apparel, whether the reviews are good or bad, as you can see from the quote below:

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Ozzie, Pinella Tape Spot For Used Car Dealership

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and Cubs manager Lou Pinella have been making headlines on their own for some time.

Ozzie Guillen Lou Pinella

Now rumor has it that both of them will be appearing together–in a car commercial. Read more…

Ex-NFL Players Still Cashing In On Endorsements

The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW reports how some ex-NFL stars are still cashing in on their popularity through endorsement payments to the players’ union.

Emmitt Smith Dancing With The Stars

Over $117 million has been paid by companies to the NFL Players Association to use their stars to hawk their products. For example, Peyton & Eli Manning received a combined $4 million for their selling success in 2005-06.

Yet, you don’t have to be an active player to get such money from the NFLPA. Former Cowboys RB and “Dancing With The Stars” champ Emmitt Smith tapped in $757,000, while John Elway snapped up $616,000 and Joe Montana struck gold with $556,000 in endorsement payments.

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