RichRod Saw No Sucker Punch During Irish Game

• A Michigan player punched a Notre Dame opponent during last weekend’s game? Rich Rodriguez has no idea what you’re talking about.

Rich Rodriguez point

• Duke football players bedevil fans with their own shirtless poster.

• How did Lane Kiffin get to be the coaching genius that he is? By washing Reggie White’s car while his dad coached.

• Bills KR Leodis McKelvin decides not to press charges against the two teens who vandalized his yard after the Pats loss.

• Panthers WR Steve Smith loves teammate Jake Delhomme as a person, but hates him as a QB.

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Kids Throw The Darndest Things: A Retrospective

You know that a story has become a national phenomenon when Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira get their paws on it in New York’s “Today Show” studio. That’s where little Emily Montforto ended up this morning with her father, Steve, to tell the tale of how the adorable moppet threw back a perfectly good foul ball at a Phillies game.

But this is by no means unique: As long as kids have been attending baseball games, they’ve been doing precocious things. Let’s break open a sleeve of Graham crackers and a half-pint of milk and take a look back at some of them.

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