Week In Review: Bud Flips Bills The Double Bird

• Titans owner Bud Adams gives the Bills a double-finger salute - and gets fined $250,000 for it.

Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Flipping The Bird In Buffalo 11/15/09 SPORTSbyBROOKS.com

• After Stanford’s stunning slaughter of ‘SC, Pete Carroll & Jim Harbaugh both want to know what the deal is. (And Pete won’t forget it.)

• But the real deal is Toby Gerhart. Just ask his swim team girlfriend, who says that the Cardinal RB is “one big muscle.”

• Speaking of girlfriends, Erin Dewes has been incorrectly labeled as Tim Tebow’s squeeze. But that’s not stopping her from covering her nude self in number 15’s body paint.

Zack Greinke is a real winner this week. Not only did the Royals pitcher grab the Cy Young award, he’s also tying the knot with former Miss Daytona Beach Emily Kuchar.

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Sigh Young: Zack Greinke’s Amazing Hot Girlfriend

Today Jimmy Traina at SI.com’s Extra Mustard tipped me to Zack Greinke’s amazing model fiancee Emily Kuchar.

Emily Kuchar Zack Greinke Girlfriend Photos

Kuchar was Miss Daytona Beach in 2008, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and according to her website was a member of a “show group” that’s performed with Toby Keith, Beyonce, Big and Rich, and Wayne Newton. (Portend a move for Zack to Branson?)

Emily Kuchar

Ironic that Greinke is set to wed such a smokin’ hottie considering his past grappling with a social anxiety disorder. With his Cy Young season, it’s clear he overcame that consternation, and his nuptials with Kuchar put a fine point on triumph over the condition.

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Zack Greinke Will Out-Pitch And Out-Quote You

One of the most underrated stories this baseball season is the dominance of Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke. Sure, it was the subject of a great JoePo SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover piece so it’s not exactly a story that’s been ignored. That said, you have to admit that if Greinke-Dink was pitching in a major media market, this kid would be one of ESPN’s daily top stories. Between his pitching dominance and his unique behavior and backstory, his is a story that has media darling written all over it. But even here at SbB, a site whose patriarch who used to work Royals broadcasts, Greinke hasn’t been a huge story.

Zack Greinke

That’s gotta change. Greinke deserves to be a superstar, and we’re not even talking about baseball. If his arm ever goes out, the kid’s got a great future in stand-up comedy. The blog SHAN.BIZ has compiled a list of the greatest Greinke quotes so far (he’s only 25!) and lemme tell ya, folks, Yogi Berra’s got nothing on Zack Greinke.

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