Blog Jam: Redskins Cheerleaders at Hall of Fame

• UNCOACHED reveals the best sights seen at last weekend’s NFL Hall of Fame ceremonies - namely, those of the Redskins cheerleaders.

Redskins Cheerleaders at Hall of Fame

• YOU BEEN BLINDED tosses up a classic clip of Johnny Bench berating a reporter for asking him about Pete Rose.

• DEADSPIN is all shook up, as Elvis takes advantage of the wild, wet weather at Wrigley to thrill the crowd with a sequined slip ‘n’ slide show.

• PLAYING THE FIELD wonders what daily words of wisdom they could expect if Manny Ramirez had a blog.

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Vegas Hockey Squad Awash In Alternate Jerseys

Hockey teams have traditionally worn (and sold) only home & road jerseys. But in the last few years, many franchises have added an alternate uniform or two to the lineup, in an effort to spice things up on the ice & move out more merchandise to the fans.

However, the Las Vegas Wranglers may have overdone it a bit.

Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL skates over news that the minor league club has shown off up to 15 different jersey designs during its brief 5-year existence. Read more…

Hawaii HDTV Sales Soaring Thanks To Warriors Football Fortunes

WARRIORS WINS HELPING HIKE HAWAII’S HDTV DEMAND: High Definition TV sales in Hawaii have hit the roof, thanks to the success of the Warriors’ football fortunes:

Hawaii WAC champs

The HONOLULU ADVERTISER tunes in news that the demand for HDTV by Hawaiians has tripled since Colt Brennan & crew started chalking up wins this season. Fans have been flooding Best Buys to bring home a big screen TV to watch their Warriors.In fact, demand has been so high, that the state’s cable provider Oceanic Time Warner has run out of HD boxes. But a Time Warner VP says not to worry, as 5,000 to 6,000 new boxes are scheduled to hit the shore this week.

HDTV set

Hankerings for HDTV in Hawaii is expected to remain high up until the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day, when UH is set to face Georgia.But after January 1, what’s there to watch in Waikiki? Well, there’s always season DVDs of “Hawaii Five-0″, or Elvis Presley’s “Aloha From Hawaii” TV special.

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii

And who could forget that exciting two-part episode of “The Brady Bunch” when the family heads for Hawaii, and Bobby uncovers an evil Tiki doll?Now that’s good TV - made even better by HD!

Oden Can Find Other Things To Do In Portland

THINGS TO DO IN PORTLAND WHEN YOUR SEASON’S DEAD: So Greg Oden won’t be hitting the floor for the Blazers this season. What’s a #1 draft pick to do?

Greg Oden Welcome

Apart from cheering on his new teammates (and bailing them out of jail afterwards), Oden now has time to check out some of the other sports options in town.For instance, Jerry Glanville is back on the sidelines, as the former Falcons & Oilers coach is now leading the 1-AA Portland State Vikings.

Jerry Glanville Elvis

It’s known that during his NFL days, Glanville would leave two tickets at will call for Elvis Presley, in case the King ever decided to show up.For fun, Greg might consider hitting the hip PDX boutiques for a sequin jumpsuit and pompadour wig - then show up at the next PSU game in his new attire, announcing in a Presley-esque drawl, “Here I am, thank you very much. Now, where my seats at?

And as the winter months drag on, Greg can check out the Winter Hawks, Portland’s entry in the junior Western Hockey League.

Winter Hawks Blackhawks

And if he wants to practice some law, Oden can send a tip to “Dollar” Bill Wirtz about possible copyright infringement.And were sure there’s museums, symphonies and fine- dining establishments to enjoy in the Rose City, just like any other big-name metropolis.

Greg Oden Beer Pong

If all else fails, there’s always beer pong.