Slice Of Life: Elton John, Bad Tattoos, Porn Party

Time we caught up with non-sequitur insanity that is Kimbo Slice’s life.

Had dinner with one of the best that ever did it, and I dont mean Roy. Thats Elton John btw“:

Kimbo Slice Photo With Elton John

“Look at this tat this guy put on his leg”:

Kimbo Slice Tattoo

 Of course, a Kimbo update wouldn’t be complete without a porn-related piccie.

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What The NCAA Really Needs Is A BCS Spokesman

According to ESPN, it looks like the NCAA’s thinking about hiring a permanent “point person” for the BCS, rather than the current system where the BCS spokesman has been the commissioner of one of the conferences on a two-year, rotating basis. That doesn’t seem like much of a problem… up until that conference commissioner has to explain to people why his team just got an unpopular spot in the national title game.

BCS logo with faces
(I think this’ll work.)

So, since we’re helpers as always, we’ve decided that the NCAA is absolutely right. The problem with the BCS system isn’t one of the myriad fundamental flaws that college football fans routinely point out, like the fact that no other sport uses a one-game system for the title or that teams who go undefeated at least deserve a shot at the title. No no, we’re going to need a spokesperson for this. Fortunately, we’ve got four candidates lined up for you.

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Sir Elton John Has His Eyes On A Pair Of Twins

If we told you Sir Elton John was a baseball fan, how would you respond? Is it really that surprising? After all, there’s nothing in The Gay Manifesto: How All Gay People Act All The Time (this book, by the way, doesn’t exist - for many, many reasons) that says gay people can’t like sports or anything. Still, that’s the sort of thing to which about all you can say is, “Well… I guess I never knew that.”

Elton John Duck Suit
(Evidently, when it comes to hockey, he’s a big Anaheim fan.)

Sure enough, Elton’s a fan of the game, to the point where according to the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, he recently got a hold of the Twins’ Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau to exchange autographed pictures with the pair. Why Morneau, it wasn’t exactly clear, but John had some high words of praise for Mauer (H/T: MOUTHPIECE SPORTS):  Read more…

Elton John Concert To Fund English Soccer Team

Sir Elton John is best known for helping craft a handful of the most memorable melodies of the past 30 years. Well, he’s known for that and the world’s most flamboyant collection of sunglasses. Now, for the second time, John has stepped in with significant investment in the soccer team he grew up rooting for, English Championship side Watford. The difference is that this time, instead of bankrolling the team out of his own pocket, he’s proposing funding the team’s summer transfer targets by holding a concert at the team’s stadium.

elton john

(Watford’s new strike force, brought to you by this guy.)

According to the WATFORD OBSERVER,  John pitched the idea after being re-named “Honorary Life President” of the Watford Hornets on his 62nd birthday last week, and he immediately pitched the concert idea as a way to re-create an incredibly successful — and similar — idea from 2005, when John hosted a gig at the team’s Vicarage Road ground and helped raise a whopping $2 million+. Now, instead of using the money to help fund the team’s stadium advances, John explicity wants the money to go toward signing new players.

It’s a bit like Jon Bon Jovi holding a concert to raise money for the Phillies to sign a new free agent pitcher. It’s the kind of thing we just haven’t seen before, and you’d have to say that Elton John is just about the last person you’d think would usher in a trend in sports funding.

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Blog It: Pap P.O.’s Gays For Elton John Remark?

• The BOSTON HERALD’s INSIDE TRACK hears that some gay folks in Beantown are somehow offended by Jonathan Papelbon’s off-the-cuff comments about “Elton John surgery“.

Jonathan Papelbon Elton John

• ESPN’s HASHMARKS has ex-Atlanta Falcon DeAngelo Hall still hating on ex-Falcons coach Bobby Petrino.

• THE 700 LEVEL tosses along video of Donovan McNabb taking batting practice with Ken Griffey Jr.

• Cameron Martin of ROTOHOG theorizes what would have happened had Kobe Bryant been traded to Chicago.

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58 Birthdays Haven’t Slowed Dr. J With The Ladies

With this year’s dunk contest regaining much of the fun of the old days, it’s worth pointing out that today is Julius Erving’s birthday. Hard to believe Doc is now 58 years old - as we enjoy this video demonstrating how smooth the man was on the court. Plus, a little mid-day Stevie Wonder is good for the soul.

Nobody in the game today rocks a fro the way Dr. J did back in the day. And even though the man is getting up there in age, he still seems to have it (at least with the fairer sex). Read more…

Blogs: Erin Andrews eats sandwich, stars in new EA Sports video game

• DEADSPIN spots a tasty dish, as they hunger for a mouthful of Erin Andrews:

Erin Andrews sandwich

• Speaking of the sideline siren, IGN jiggles their joystick at news that Erin will be appearing in the newest edition of EA Sports’ March Madness.• BLACK ATHLETE offers a preview clip of “Blood Equity”, a documentary about retired NFL players, and the medical hardships many face without much help from the league.

• WKMG reports Urban Meyer may give the Florida football captaincy back to unsafe safety Tony Joiner:

Tony Joiner Florida Tow Mater Disney

The Gators coach probably just wants to spare himself from any death threats.• Scott Wolf of INSIDE USC crunches the numbers, and the Trojans’ strength of schedule would rank 107 out of 120.

• Speaking of the succumbers to Stanford, Arizona’s UA SPORTS FANS BLOG believes the troubles in Troy may have started when former offensive coordinator Norm Chow said sayonara to the southland.

• In wake of the Hurricanes’ close shave against Georgia Tech, MIAMI SPORTS BLOG has this hair-raising pic of a UM fan showing his unique grooming style:

Miami fan shaved chest

• FOX reporters hate our freedom, as HOME RUN DERBY finds a couple of Boston-affiliate broadcasters talking over the national anthem.• AWFUL ANNOUNCING goes for a new look, as “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” puts on a Beard.

• Think you can make as much sense as the Harris Poll? BCS FAN POLL wants you to rock their vote. (Warning: Don’t pull a Spurrier and put Duke at #25.)

• MAVRIX ONLINE is still standing, as Sir Elton John serves up one smash hit after another:

Elton John tennis

(Bonus fact: Elton’s song “Philadelphia Freedom” was written for Billie Jean King, who played for the Philadelphia Freedoms World Team Tennis squad.)• HOOPS VIBE goes on a Buss trip, as they theorize where Kobe may end up.

Mike O’Hara of the DETROIT NEWS feels like an idiot for picking the Lions.