Report: A-Rod Acquired Prostitutes, Dated Madam

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports on the latest and greatest reason why Alex Rodriguez may want to live in Vail, CO, forever. Apparently, he’s on another list he may have suspected but hoped would never come to light. There’s no word about injections here, but that may be the only bright spot.

Alex Rodriguez and Kristin Davis

According to sources that spoke to the newspaper, A-Rod shopped for prostitutes at the same ’store’ as Eliot Spitzer and even dated the madam, Kristin Davis. The paper also alleges Rodriguez “wooed (her with) flowers, jewelry, persistence and heated e-mails” after they met at a Philadelphia gym in 2006.

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Eliot Spitzer Has No Reason to Visit Macon Now

There’s little more repelling than the harsh scent of desperation. Calling too soon after the meet cute; asking for a loan from relatives repeatedly; declaring “Eliot Spitzer Night” 24 hours after the downfall of the naughty governor. It’s wise to stay away from all these people since they’ll just burn a hole through your wallet and/or your immortal soul.

Ashley Dupre aka Ashley Youmans

(The South Coast League can’t even afford her now)

Sound advice, considering the Macon Music (who we reported earlier could not pay the electric bill) and the entire South Coast League has shuttered after one year of existence in a flailing attempt to pay down debt and make a comeback next season.

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Will Penn State Finally Put JoePa Out To Pasture?

Joe Paterno is set to begin his 43rd season with Penn State this year, unfortunately without the services of touted recruit Terrelle Pryor. Now having lost out on the two-sport Pennsylvania product, the Penn State Board of Trustees are taking a long, hard look at Paterno’s immediate future, reports the PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE.

Joe Paterno Fall

The Penn State Board of Trustees is expected to address Paterno’s future during meetings today and tomorrow at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington.

Leaving aside the jokes that go along with the fact that board is meeting at the same hotel where former New York governor Eliot Spitzer had his extra-legal rendezvous with prostitutes, Paterno is 81 and a bit given to taking a tumble. He also doesn’t have the needed working hip to cheat.

Granted, it’s difficult to force an icon out the door, what with coming off an Alamo Bowl victory and a number of off-the-field incidents that have been handled satisfactorily. That’s why you quickly slip a Medic Alert bracelet on the senior and glory at the angry incoherence.

Red Sox’s Buchholz Bunking With Penthouse Pet

Just doing some double-checking to see of we’re on the Emperor’s Club list.

• Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz has been perusing with a Penthouse Pet.

Erica Ellyson Clay Buchholz

• The Sky turned out to be the limit for a Chicago WNBA coach fired over sexual harassment claims.

Terrell Owens shows his support for the U.S. Olympic softball team.

• A new study suggest that other golfers tense up when Tiger’s in town.

• Plans for a London Olympic Friend-Ship have been scuttled.

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From The Spitzer Files: Jordan Wasn’t ‘Client 23′

In case you were wondering, Michael Jordan didn’t solicit a prostitute like former New York governor Eliot Spitzer did, says the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Michael Jordan parties hearty

But if you weren’t wondering that, and now you’ve heard he was rumored to be “Client 10″ to Spitzer’s “Client 9,” suddenly you have more questions than answers. Read more…

Macon Music Milking Spitzer for All He’s Worth

Congratulations, Macon Music of the independent South Coast League! With one long Promotions meeting full of naughty guffaws and one hastily prepared press release, you’ve leaped into the lead for the coveted “Worst Game Night Promotion of 2008″ award.

Macon Music promotions dept

(Macon Music promotions dept. meeting)

What brilliant combination of current events, shameless tactics, and tittilating topics did you mix in your cauldron behind the left field wall to earn the early lead in the AP poll? Why, it’s Eliot Spitzer Night in Macon on June 13th! How ribald of you! You’re just so wacky. How do you do it?
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