Clips Owner Called Own Team “Poor Black Boys”?

Want to make a lawyer’s ears perk up? Use the phrase “history of racial discrimination” around them, and it’s like asking a dog if they want to go for a walk. If you’re short on breath or time and want the same effect, however, worry not; mentioning Donald Sterling’s name will do just fine as well. As the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports, the owner of the Clippers was just sued by longtime Clippers GM Elgin Baylor, who accused the franchise, Sterling, and team president Andy Roeser of employment discrimination. The NBA’s mentioned too, but it’s Baylor’s allegations about Sterling that should (finally) place the Los Angeles-area real estate mogul under the national scrutiny he so richly deserves.

Elgin Baylor
(Elgin Baylor, probably just hating Sterling, life)

If Donald Sterling’s name rings a vague bell to those outside Southern California, it’s probably due to his reign as the owner of the Clippers, where prior to the past few years he was notorious for maximizing profit at the expense of his teams, routinely unloading players before their level of play would force him to pay top dollar. It worked - for him. But according to Baylor’s lawsuit, Sterling’s motives may not have been strictly monetary; Baylor alleges that what Sterling really wanted, and this is an alleged direct quote, was “the Clippers team to be composed of ‘Poor Black boys from the South’ and a White head coach.” Oh, it gets worse. So worse.

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