Digger Phelps Getting His Pre-Game Groove On

Stealing autographed Red Sox balls from a little girl’s suitcase? Who knew Hank Steinbrenner worked in airport security?

• ESPN analyst Digger Phelps knows how to Rock Chalk Jayhawk with a Kansas cheerleader.

Digger Phelps dancing video capture

• Can a twisted testicle be eased by an electronic bone stimulator?

Roger Clemens’ appearance pumps up the Rockets to their 15th straight win.

• A fan expresses his love for the Charlotte Bobcats the only he can - through song.

Tyrone Willingham’s a great guy. Now if he could only be a great coach again.

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Your MLB Injury Update Is Right Here *Grabs Self*

LARRY BROWN SPORTS reports today that Cubs outfielder Felix Piemissed a couple of days early because of a twisted testicle.”

Two Baseball Hat Heads

Sounds like Pie might consider borrowing Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Contrero’selectronic bone stimulator.”