KJ on His Way to Overtime in Sacramento Election

The black man came up with more support and voters than the white woman, but it wasn’t enough to secure a clear majority. Therefore, we’re in for more months of backstabbing, frontstabbing, and other forms of chicanery before finally deciding on a leader. It’s painful for the greater electorate that are ready to work on economic and other issues, but no one will concede.

That’s right: your Sacramento mayoral election results are in.

Kevin Johnson maybe?

Former NBA player Kevin Johnson mustered up 47% of the vote Tuesday to incumbent Heather Fargo’s 40%. However, a clear majority is required to declare a victor in Sacramento. Therefore, if this should stand (and there are still 15,000 absentee ballots to count), there will be a runoff election in the fall. Can Sacramento take another five months of this nasty election?

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