Video: Algerian Soccer Team Assaulted, Bloodied

If you needed a reminder for whatever reason, here it is: soccer fans make football fans look like Barney the Dinosaur’s cheerful 5-year-old sycophants. It is true always, and it is holy-smoking-hell true in Egypt today as Algeria and Egypt prepare for a pivotal World Cup qualifier - if the teams even survive until Sunday to play the game.

Bloody Algerian Soccer Player
(Wait, soccer player is bloodied, but not writhing around on the ground and calling for a red card? DOES NOT COMPUTE.)

Yes, there’s one of the Algerians now; we might try to identify him, but there’s the matter of the gaping head wound and significant blood loss going on with his face. Makes it a little hard, y’know. He and his teammates were on their bus coming into Egypt when fans of the Pharaohs pelted the bus with large rocks, shattering the windows and bloodying the players inside. Yes, the hate runs deep on this one. Video is after the break.

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