Coyotes’ Backup Goalie Has All-Star Caliber Mask

Jason LaBarbera, a career backup goalie on his third team in as many seasons in the league (fourth overall), is just a couple months shy of his 30th birthday and doesn’t show any signs of being a big-time goalkeeper. Only the more ardent NHL fans would know off the top of their heads who LaBarbera is. But it’s time to know him for, well, what’s on the top of his head.

Jason LaBarbera Mask

That’s LaBarbera’s goalie mask this season, and if you’re wondering, yes, that is the Ultimate Warrior on LaBarbera’s mask. Less immediately obvious but no less awesome: that’s also Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder on one side. More views of the mask and the mask it usurps as “best in the NHL,” according to the imaginary Things I Just Decided Institute, after the break.

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Denise Richards Destroying Eardrums At Wrigley

What better way to start the weekend than with a little Denise Richards?

Denise Richards

How about Denise Richards singing at a Cubs game? Take it away, Denise!

Yeah, the sound quality may be a bit suspect, but did you really want to hear this performance in crystal-clear Dolby 5.1 audio?

Still, Denise didn’t do half-bad. Let’s compare Ms. Richards’ rendition with some other sensational song stylings from the Friendly Confines.

(More videos after the jump.)

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Billy Corgan: Eddie Vedder ‘Killed Cubs’ Sh– Dead’

HOME RUN DERBY reports that Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan last night dropped a wrecking ball on Eddie Vedder’s Cubs-themed song “All The Way!“, which was released just before the Dodgers dispatched the North Siders in an embarrassing three-game sweep.

Eddie Vedder, Billy Corgan via for Bull Durham's affection

(Eddie Vedder, Billy Corgan slapfight for Bull Durham’s affection)

Chicagoan Corgan, during a break in his show last night at the Chicago Theater said,

If … If … IF … the Cubs did have a chance this last year that just passed …  F—in’ Eddie Vedder killed that sh– dead.  Last I checked Eddie ain’t living here,  Okay?  

Eddie ain’t living here to write a song about my f—in’ team.

Coincidentally, that was kind of how I felt at the time the song came out.

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Eddie Vedder Poops On My Quaint Cubs Attraction

I’ve been a fan of Oasis for some time now, which usually brings with it plenty of well-deserved abuse from my friends, family and non-stuffed pets. I’m well aware the band was over about 10 years ago, much like Pearl Jam. Yeah, Eddie Vedder’s first 2-3 album offerings were worthwhile, but Pearl Jam hasn’t produced a good record since Tommy Lasorda said something interesting.

Eddie Vedder Cubs Fan

Perhaps in an effort to maintain relevancy (and hold off an impending tour of Indian Casinos), Vedder, who grew up in Chicago, has penned a song about the Cubs. BILLBOARD reports today that bootlegs of the tune are apparently circulating on the web. Read more…

The World’s Most Dangerous Job: Seahawks WRs

The Seattle Seahawks are going to partake in an interesting experiment this season: they’re going to play without ANY wide receivers at all. Unfortunately for those fans in the Pacific Northwest, this new experiment isn’t by design. After already losing a quartet of receivers to a variety of ailments, the team lost another two today.

Injured Seahawks WRs

The tough day started when Seneca Wallace limped off the field during warm-ups after straining his calf muscle. Things only got worse after the Seahawks first offensive play against the 49ers, when Logan Payne made a 14-yard catch and had to be helped off the field after a nasty hit on his knee.

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Devin Hester Joins Long List of Special Guests to Take Cubs Fans Out to the Ball Game

DEVIN HESTER JOINS (SOMETIMES UNFORTUNATE) LIST OF FOLKS ROOT-ROOT-ROOTING FOR THE CUUUUU-BIEEEES: Bears speed demon Devin Hester set yet another hometown Chicago crowd afire, but this time with his Monsters of the Midway melodies as he sang ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ at a recent Cubs contest:

devin hester & cubs fan

Which such a tear-jerking and ear-obliterating performance in mind, here’s a look back at how other 7th-inning guests fared at the Friendly Confines (and I don’t care if they ever get back):Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder - as coherent as ever:

Eddie Vedder

CCR frontman John Fogerty - not quite up to par as he was with ‘Fortunate Son’ and ‘Centerfield’:

John Fogerty

NASCAR heartthrob Jeff Gordon - pleased as punch to be in ‘Wrigley Stadium’:

Jeff Gordon

IRL hottie Danica Patrick - proving once again not everyone can drive and sing:

Danica Patrick

Former Cubs outfielder Doug Glanville - complete with Harry Caray glasses (and a quick intro of Tommy Lasorda on the phone):

Doug Glanville

So, judge for yourself how these virtuosos of Peanuts ‘n’ Cracker Jack compare to The Man Himself.

And as you do, don’t forget to enjoy some quality refreshment.