Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Are Engaged

It’s been a few years since former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan got divorced from his first wife, Jean Strahan.  In case you don’t remember the damage done to Strahan in that ordeal, let us remind you that Strahan was ordered to give his wife $15 million and hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support because there are only so many diapers you can buy with $15 million.

Since then Strahan has spent his time doing just about anything he can to get some of that money back.  He’s got the job working on FOX’s NFL studio show, and he even has an ill-fated sitcom ready to debut on FOX as well this fall.  Now that he’s starting to recoup some of his losses, for some reason Strahan has now gone out and found another way to lose the money again.

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Michael Strahan Keeps His Women On A LoJack

Former New York Giant and current FOX football analyst Michael Strahan seems to have a pretty hard time trusting the women in his life. It was found out during a well-publicized divorce proceeding that Strahan had been having his ex-wife’s phone conversations from their New Jersey mansion tapped, and that he’d also put in a high tech video surveillance system in the house that his ex-wife said he put in to spy on her sister.

Michael Strahan is literally tapping that ass

Well now it seems that Michael is not yet finished with pretending to be Jack Bauer. He’s currently dating Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, and it seems Strahan is having just as hard a time trusting her. I mean, why else would he be putting tracking devices in her car?

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New Fox Sideline Reporter Tied To Eddie Murphy

Big news everyone! You know how networks like to hire attractive women to roam the sidelines of NFL games getting “stories” about how so-and-so hurt their ankle, or how the coach was disappointed with his team’s performance in the first half but plans to turn it around in the second? Well, FOX went out and got another one! And this one has been romantically linked to Norbit star Eddie Murphy!

Nischelle Turner and Eddie Murphy

Nischelle Turner, seen sporadically on the Jullian Barbiere-hosted Good Day LA, will be on an NFL sideline near you this year.

Twenty bucks the execs at FOX took one look at her romantic resume, saw the Pluto Nash star - seriously, what was the last good movie he made? - and said to themselves “Sure, she can do the job.”

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