Erin Andrews Won’t Fawn Over UF While Working

• Chill out, ‘Canes fans - Gator alum Erin Andrews knows better than to fawn over Florida while she’s working for the Worldwide Leader.

Erin Andrews fullbody

• It’s bad enough LeBron James wore a Yankees cap at an Indians playoff game last season, but to go to a Browns game and pal around with the Cowboys instead?

Rudy Giuliani’s kid can throw all the apples he wants, he’s still not getting back on the Duke golf team.

• Maybe NASCAR Craftsman Truck racer Roy Hornaday mistook HGH for Preparation H. After all, he does do an awful lot of sitting.

• If Lance Armstrong can return to the Tour de France, why not Floyd Landis?

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(Ex) Colts DT Apparently Suffering From Glaucoma

The Colts are already reeling from an embarrassing home loss to the Bears on Sunday, and now things have gotten worse as starting defensive tackle Ed Johnson got the axe from the team after he was arrested just after midnight on Wednesday. Johnson was pulled over for speeding, which in and of itself wouldn’t have been a big deal. But things went downhill when he opened the door to his car…and the smell of ganja came wafting out.

Ed Johnson

Johnson likely would have gotten a stern warning and maybe a game or two off, provided he hadn’t been involved in that whole sexual misconduct thing that got him booted from Penn State in 2005. Now, he’s facing a long, football-free fall and winter — until the Cowboys inevitably sign him in the off-season, of course.

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