ECU AD Letter: Embarrassed By ‘Historic’ Navy Loss

In a previous post in this space, I noted Washington A.D. Scott Woodward needlessly taking several swipes on Seattle radio at the Univ. of Oregon last Saturday in Eugene. Among other things, Woodward said he thought the Oregon school was an “embarrassment” because of misplaced priorities.

(When A.D.’s attack: The Sequel)

We learned from Woodward that some things are better off left unsaid, and that athletic directors sometimes can’t resist seeking attention despite the oft-perilous consequences.

Another such example of that regrettable tactic came from East Carolina Athletic Director Terry Holland last weekend. Read more…

N.C. State’s Season: From Breakout To Outbreak

Before Saturday’s game against in-state rival East Carolina, North Carolina State was a surprising 5-1 and appeared on the verge of a breakout season. But as any college football fan knows, you can never underestimate a team’s homefield advantage, as ECU once again proved in a 33-27 upset of the Wolfpack in the HOUSE STEVE LOGAN BUILT.

N.C. State syphilis letter to the editor

But in the aftermath of East Carolina’s surprising victory, at least one ECU fan wasn’t altogether pleased. In a letter to the North Carolina State University student newspaper today, East Carolina alumus Caroline Knauss apologized to Wolfpack fans for the behavior of one particular Pirate fan.

N.C. State syphilis letter to the editor

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ECU Officially Out Of Ideas, Goes With ‘Pirate Out’

Hey, remember how cool it was last week that Halloween came on a Saturday? And so that way everyone could wear their costumes to the game and what a blast we all had last week, right? Last week? As in a week ago?

Get Hooked ECU Pirates
(And why don’t YOU go get f**ked, pal?)

Yeah, about that. East Carolina’s switch back to standard time must have gone horribly wrong and catapulted them five or six days back into the past, because they’re telling fans to all dress up for tonight’s game against Virginia Tech. Not only that, but everyone has to dress as pirates. Amazingly, according to BUSTER SPORTS, we aren’t even making that up.

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ECU Loses As Another BCS Buster Bites The Dust

Well, East Carolina fans, I hope you enjoyed the ride. After climbing as high to No. 15 in the polls, the Pirates have finally fallen back to Earth after being upended by North Carolina State 30-24 in overtime this afternoon. Which just goes to show that you never know what will happen in a rivalry game.

Tom O'Brien and Skip Holtz

(And yes, the ESPN announcers called the match-up a “rivalry game” several times. Sorry if I’m a bit of an elitist, but East Carolina vs. NC State isn’t exactly UNC vs. Duke.)

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Redskins TE Cooley Is Very Revealing In His Blog

• We figured Chris Cooley’s blog would let us get to better know the inner workings of the Redskins’ TE, but we never would have guessed we would see this far inside.

Chris Cooley Christy

If there were naughty bits to be shown on Cooley’s blog, why couldn’t they have belonged to his new hot wife, Christy?

• Cubs hurler Carlos Zambrano no-hits the Astros in Milwaukee. Somehow, that causes Ned Yost to be bounced from the Brewers.

• Speaking of teams with curses, a soccer goalie in the Congo tries to use a little witchcraft, only to see 11 people die in the ensuing mid-game riot.

• The Chiefs get tomahawked by the Raiders. Looks like the wrong AFC West coach is about to get fired.

• Meanwhile, Chargers fans seem ready to hack off Ed Hoculi’s limbs for his questionable non-fumble call against the Broncos.

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C-USA To ECU: Beat Your Fans Better Next Time

Conference USA fined East Carolina $10,000 for allowing fans to storm the field after their upset win over West Virginia a little over a week ago. The message? Do a more thorough job of beating your fans, ECU.

East Carolina police

A state agency is investigating the police action taken after the game, when literally thousands of people descended upon the playing surface and a lucky few ended up with a baton upside their head. Apparently, the agency has been asked to decide whether or not police used “excessive force” in dealing with the jubilant fans. Yeah, I think celebrating a win with your team on the field and doing something that millions of people have done over the years and doesn’t really hurt anyone else warrants four or five punches in the face.

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Cops Caught Clubbing ECU Fans After WVU Win

It was a super Saturday for East Carolina fans. Not only was Greenville spared of any hurricane destruction, but their pigskin Pirates blew away then 8th-ranked West Virginia 24-3. (Which means we can be promised more quips from Rece Davis about the “Fightin’ Skip Holtzes“.)

East Carolina fans after West Virginia win

As ecstatic ECU fans stormed the field, some of the policemen present at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium purpotedly got caught up in the excitement - and started clubbing & punching some of the celebrators (with video goodness after the jump).

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E. Carolina Beats Virginia Tech With Beamer Ball

Lost in the hoopla: it was a member of the Holtz family engineering the upset. East Carolina coach Skip Holtz put together a coherent, spittle-free gameplan that would give his father, Lou, great pride. Some would dispute that East Carolina’s victory is a true upset since a good chunk of the Hokies’ offense is generated from its special teams and defense. Regardless, the Hokies were defeated by a lesser foe on a glorious opening Saturday for college football.

The game-changing play was a Beamer-esque blocked punt and touchdown return with under a minute remaining that gave the arrrrrrrrr Pirates the 27-22 lead. Virginia Tech never answered in its final possession. The Hokies’ 16-car-collision of a wreck mismanagement of its quarterbacks is being blamed. Read more…