Vince Young Would Like You To Try His Sausage

No, ladies, this isn’t some kind of casting call for a new dating show starring Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young. This is a new business venture for a young man who realizes that a football career is not guaranteed.

Vince Young Sausage

That’s right, Vince has gone into the meat business, which is the number two goal in life of every kid in Texas, right behind playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Since it doesn’t look like Vince is going to be lining up under center with a blue star on his helmet anytime soon, he must have figured it was time to move on to Plan B: become the Sausage King of Austin.

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Swimmer’s Fun Photos Flushed Off Of Facebook

We can’t imagine what Neil Diamond will sing at his Fenway appearance.

• Aussie officials don’t like it when their Olympic swimmers show themselves having fun on Facebook:

Stephanie Rice Australian swimmer

Earl Campbell keeps his Heisman Trophy at an Austin airport snack bar.

• We didn’t see this one coming - O.J. Mayo is declaring for the NBA Draft.

• In another shocking revelation, the new Sonics owners were planning a move to Oklahoma all along!

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We Like Our Eggs Poached, With Side Of Heisman

There’s only so many Whataburgers a guy can stand. Following our Final Four coverage, we were one of the tens of millions affected by the American Airlines flight cancellations this week, stranded in Texas for 48 hours after our originally scheduled departure.

Earl Campbell Breakfast Bar Heisman Trophy

You would think it sucked being stuck in the Austin airport for that long. But we actually really enjoyed it. At least after making an exciting discovery as we waited in line at one of the airport’s omelette stations.

Ever wonder where Earl Campbell keeps his 1977 Heisman Trophy?

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