Who Wouldn’t Want To Buy A Zamboni/Tiki Bar?

On Sunday afternoon, I went to a Chicago Blackhawks game. It was quite the trip, given the torrential downpour raining down upon the city from the heavens. As I looked out the window to the street below I was pretty sure that the water was going to begin seeping in through the car doors at any moment. Then my date and I got to the United Center, parked the car, and were soaked to the bone by the time we got inside.

So we sat there for the next three hours, soaking wet and sitting in an air conditioned building designed to keep ice from melting. Needless to say, we were rather cold. Throw in the fact that the Blackhawks were busy getting their butts kicked by the hapless Colorado Avalanche, and it was just a crappy day. I remember sitting in my seat thinking that the only thing that could save the day would be a Zamboni/Tiki Bar for me to drink the cold away. If only I had been checking the eBays yesterday morning.

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Tiger Woods’ Backwash Can Be Yours For $25K

This weekend is a pretty big one for golf fans across the world. It will mark the first time since June of last year at the U.S. Open that the great Tiger Woods will grace a PGA Tour event with his presence. All of a sudden, golf matters again.

Of course, as a real golf fan you can’t just sit back and be happy that Tiger is back. You need something to commemorate the occasion. You need something that will prove to other Tiger fans that you’re a much bigger fan than the rest. You need Tiger’s DNA, and, according to SPORTING NEWS and USA TODAY’s GAME ON, you can have it for only $25,000.

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Dan Rooney Won’t Take Crap From Seahawk Fans

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be playing for their VIIth Super Bowl trophy in franchise history this Sunday, when they face the Arizona Cardinals in Tampa for Super Bowl XLIII. And now would seem like just as good a time as any to profit off of their former victories. You probably remember that three years ago the Steelers were winning their VIth Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in Detroit — the hometown of Jerome Bettis! — and the outcome of the game was rather suspicious.

Letter from Dan Rooney

Seahawks fans have claimed ever since that the Steelers didn’t win the game as much as the referees gave the game to them. At the time there was one Seattle fan who wrote a letter to then-NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, and the owners of each team, Paul Allen and Dan Rooney. The letter gave a detailed description as to how the fan thought that the game was fixed so that Pittsburgh would win, and though he never heard back from Tagliabue or Allen, Rooney did take the time to let him know he was a moron. Now he’s selling Rooney’s letter on eBay.

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